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try glycolic acid face peels for zit scars, or retinol
As mentioned above, propecia is about the only proven (convenrient) remedy for male pattern baldness. Minoxidil is too messy.
pm sent mr daddy
Adding measurements by request: Rise: 11.5 Waist: 26.5 Leg opening: 10 Knee: 10 26.5 waist?? (36.5?)
Wow, been looking for some 38s and here we are..pm sent on 3 pairs - 2 blue and a brown.
PM sent
Not sure you will be able to find it online http://www.saehan-usa.com/en/ Looks like a salon only product - use the search to find the nearest one to you.
For the fat boys, if you have any 37/38w - let me know, thanks.
There seems to be a lot of R&R jeans on ebay going very cheaply - around $50-60 for a new pair. Are these likely to be fakes, or are R&R just not well regarded?
To wear for work, with blue/navy suits - black preferred. I like semi-brogues, but will consider anything. Thanks guys.
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