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For the fat boys, if you have any 37/38w - let me know, thanks.
There seems to be a lot of R&R jeans on ebay going very cheaply - around $50-60 for a new pair. Are these likely to be fakes, or are R&R just not well regarded?
To wear for work, with blue/navy suits - black preferred. I like semi-brogues, but will consider anything. Thanks guys.
Bought a few pairs of mabitex 2-3 weeks ago, paid and not heard from him (?) since - anyone know if he's ok/on vacation etc?
Hey cksnipe, are you around at the moment? Not heard from you in a few weeks re my purchase. Cheers, Tony.
Water in the shower, shave - followed by a cleanser/toner, then moisturise. 0.5% retinol at night. The junk that comes off from using the cleanser is quite a sight...
dubrovnik (sp.), fantastic city.
PM sent re pair 4
For the last 5 years or so I wake up multipe times through the night, so I really dont get any consistent sleep. I feel like shit most of the time, which is no doubt a symptom. I estimate I sleep maybe 4-5 hours per night in total, although I'm in bed for 8-9 hours. Thinking of trying melatonin.
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