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Without a graphic equaliser it aint worth sh*t
Interested in XL-XXL shirts, argyle jumpers, name it!
Some people describe it as having "itchy bones" in your legs - you get a itchy/tingly sensation in your legs, and you just have to move them / tense the muscles etc to reduce the sensation.
Sometimes I get RLS -like symptoms in my fu**ing shoulder..yes..shoulder..amazingly insufferable...thankfully only a couple of times a year but when it does, I want to rip my arm off and jam a screwdriver into my socket.
4 espressos x 5 riyals = 20 riyals = 6 US
pm sent on d2
Nice colour, pity not in black..would have nabbed them,
try glycolic acid face peels for zit scars, or retinol
As mentioned above, propecia is about the only proven (convenrient) remedy for male pattern baldness. Minoxidil is too messy.
pm sent mr daddy
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