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Keep calm and carry on. Nothing to see here. No damage done.
..he hasn't, yet - I'm waiting for him to respond. He normally gets back to me on a daily basis, but the last few days he has been quiet. Weekend probably. Was hoping to get some feedback from SF members who have bought in the P2 last, to help me have a more constructive and expedited communication with Reszo. Edit: I realise I may have contradicted myself..Reszo is waiting for me AND I am waiting for him..
Any thoughts? Rezso is waiting for me to get back to him. I'm thinking double leather, flush steel toe. But not sure about size...what's a 10.5D Barrie in the P2?? 44 or 45? I'm normally (just about) an 11E (or a wide D), but the Barrie D extra width fits me perfectly.
Instakopped.He's only worn them 3 times, minty condition.
Hi all, So I'm close to putting in my order with Vass. Wanted to get some sizing info from the more knowledgeable vass-ites. I will be ordering a pair of norwegers, new peter last, full goyser, chromexcel. Now re sizing, 10.5D barrie fits me like a glove - would this equate to a 44 in the P2? EDIT: Regarding the sole, as these will be a casual shoe, I was hoping I could also get opinions on leather, single vs double or commando vibram type. Anyone have something similar?
Nope! Shipped. I have tracking.
I just used Mr P for the first time. Billing was UK address, shipping US. Went out fine.
Well done...but
..kopped a pair of AS exclusive Hannover boots - they look (and smell) amazing. Just waiting to sort out a little niggle with Sarah, but fantastic service again from AFPOS. Pics to follow!
Grabbed a pair of LVC 1947 - pretty good price at $102 shipped.
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