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These look fantastic, well done - it's such a lovely shade of grey, and something I would never have thought of.
Someone got lucky then - this is a great bag. Wish it were in any colour other than white.
Not sure My CC says yes. He's very nice.
I received free shipping worldwide with my order at numbersix?
Total was over £250 which entitles free shipping. I do believe there may be a free worldwide ship code out there, google it and see if still valid..just need a minimum £30 spend, but like I said, it may not be valid anymore.
Nice one. Bought a nice barbour Ive been eyeing for a while. Love it when they take off 20% for non EU, and free worldwide shipping. Threw a pair of APC NS in for good measure
JC, if a 34 waist makes you a fatty, I'm one obese mofo.
So, where can I buy replacement buckles for my vintage monks? The brass coating is rubbing off. I can't seem to find any online vendor, but that was only after a cursory search. Advice appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: