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Big fan of crepe, super comfy but it wears out like a bitch...not good longevity.
I.e cleaning and maintainng gum soles?Do you mean crepe soles?Would be interested in this too, though would think soapy water and a brush would be your best bet.
Id' lightly sand the heel stack, and recolour. Will smooth out very well.
That looks just about right. Supposed to have a V in oxfords.
Shokran jazeelan!Have been looking for navy lows all year at a decent price.
They didnt last long.Some pretty nasty patterns but a few half decent ones too.
Take a deer bone to it first, try to smooth out the scratching?
Brand New In Box Size US12 (could fit an 11.5, they are a slim fit) This shoe was purchased as a British Tan. Shoe was hand antiqued by Ron Rider who is very well respected on the forum (Rider Boot Co.) Leather soles I bought these from B&S, and am really pi**ed they are too big for me - thought I could make them work. Beautiful shoes. Here is a link to the original...
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