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Doubled up - my vote and a couple pairs pants. Great store, great story - good luck.
Bought these recently, but they don't fit - I'm deluding myself I can get into a 36. Being the "rinsed" version, apparently they have already shrunk 2 inches in the waist (http://abfits.com/shop/?wpsc-product=lvc-1947-501xx-rinsed) Brand new with all tags on. Grab a bargain. Price includes shipping globally. DROPPED TO $130 SHIPPED GLOBALLY. Blurb from the website: The 1947-501® jean is regarded as the definitive five-pocket jean and the quintessential 501® model....
44 (which I am hoping is a 10.5 which, on the Barrie, will fit perfectly).
I think I just grabbed the last pair of cigar PTB. Sweet deal.
Big fan of crepe, super comfy but it wears out like a bitch...not good longevity.
I.e cleaning and maintainng gum soles?Do you mean crepe soles?Would be interested in this too, though would think soapy water and a brush would be your best bet.
Id' lightly sand the heel stack, and recolour. Will smooth out very well.
That looks just about right. Supposed to have a V in oxfords.
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