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OK enough of the sales for the dudes, where can I buy the missus a mulberry bag on sale?
Does anyone like the nubuck mmm gat? Cream or grey?
Whoops, shell? I need to learn how to read.Someone obviously thought they were a good deal.
New peter? And I have to agree with the poster above, considering you can buy a new pair straight from Vass for not much more.
Sydney is expensive. Average 3 bed house with small garden, no parking in an average middle class area will set you back $1m. Can of coke $3-4; petrol $1.40/litre, beer $5 a schooner (lets call it a half pint) are some examples. Clothing is expensive too. Sales are piss poor, compared to the US.On the brighter side, it's a beautiful place to live, great for the kids, sunshine, beaches - people want to live there.
Gooooooone! Better luck next timeThanks anyway Banana -
Leather? Isnt endurance a synthetic material?
Got any shirts in XXL?
Hmmm, those are going to take some getting used to. Not sure what I think, but I'm erring to NAH.
Really nice vintage Gucci split toe brown suede derbies - EU44.5, which equate to a US11D. I bought these off ebay a few months ago, but dont really wear them. The suede is in great condition, no real damage - a good wash and brush will have them looking great. No "bald" spots I can see. Nap is lovely and soft. They are fully leather lined, and the insole bears little indication of wear. No loose stitching. Soles are leather, with channeled stitching. They are still...
New Posts  All Forums: