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Mauro Polluzi, in the recent 50% off sale Actually ordered an EU44 - which should equate to an US10.5, but they they sent me a US10E - still fit though, with the extra width..
TBS sale = pants.
Computer says no.
Lol, yeah - wanted a couple of pairs of chinos, navy and khaki - didn't know where to fu**kin' start.
Cigar PTBs from Italy.
OK enough of the sales for the dudes, where can I buy the missus a mulberry bag on sale?
Does anyone like the nubuck mmm gat? Cream or grey?
Whoops, shell? I need to learn how to read.Someone obviously thought they were a good deal.
New peter? And I have to agree with the poster above, considering you can buy a new pair straight from Vass for not much more.
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