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For those that have had the pleasure of buying shoes directly from Vass, do they tend to manufacture and ship by the due date, or run over?
I have a source in a local butchers market that makes pure neatsfoot as a by product - I buy now and again for my chromexcel.I'm sure this is not the only source, but I would agree that production of pure neatsfoot has no doubt decreased, whilst production of neatsfoot compound (i.e. neatsfoot and mineral oils) has increased.
Because of the sole markings near the stitching?
Mauro Polluzi, in the recent 50% off sale Actually ordered an EU44 - which should equate to an US10.5, but they they sent me a US10E - still fit though, with the extra width..
TBS sale = pants.
Computer says no.
Lol, yeah - wanted a couple of pairs of chinos, navy and khaki - didn't know where to fu**kin' start.
Cigar PTBs from Italy.
OK enough of the sales for the dudes, where can I buy the missus a mulberry bag on sale?
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