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Bought these recently but I can't make them fit. My loss is TOTALLY your gain. These are the shoes: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190681413160#ht_500wt_922 They re marked UK10.5E, which i thought would equal a US11D. They fit like a US11.5D and maybe even a 12. They have probably been worn twice, I can see only very, very, VERY minor wear. Price includes worldwide 3 day shipping. Enjoy!
Nooooo!The Lobb William II 10.5E UK are too long for me, I just can't make them work, even with insoles and tongue pads. Gutted, though Lobb have a new fanboy now.These will be up on the chopping block soon, keep an eye out in B&S.
No comment on the ebay sale. However, in relation to the shrinkage - why not just have them let out by a tailor? They have about 1.5 inches capacity either way.
Bought a beautiful rag and bone cardigan from Porter - got a bloody hole in it! All the XXLs are gone now - do they carry non sale stock?
New with shoe bags, beautiful Bally chocolate suede driving shoes - unworn. They are marked US 11D, but they fit like an 11.5D. Great shoes, just half a size to big for me. Price includes global DHL express shipping, 3/4 days to anywhere.
Lightly used (
They look SPECTACULAR Mike, never thought they would look so good in no. 8.
I will buy one and see how it fits. Sounds like I may have a new hobby.
Hi, all the details you requested are on the first line of of ad (sorry, my ipad wont let me cut and paste). I presume "SS09" means they are from the 2009 season? The fit is pretty standard, they fit like a UK10 or US11, standard width for me. I'm a wide D / possible E and they fit me well. All the best, Anthony
Seems like there are a few tall chaps on this thread. I'm 6'4", measure a 42 inch chest and need a 36 inch arm shirt length. Would I fit an Epaulet XL shirt? I'm concerned the moobs may make an appearance.
New Posts  All Forums: