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Nice to see you stepping up in the world, son. You do have some delicious wares. (btw, clicking on your "shop mens" image just takes me to your SF page..known error?)
Really liking the cloth - what is it?
My Porter orders arrived over the last few days, managed to grab a fair few items and all fit well, which makes a change for me. Acne camo jacket (love it) LVC 501s Smedley sweater R&B cardigan Couple of PS shirts (floral / pink chambrey) Burberry slim blue chinos Gitman white ocbd Will try to get some photos up over the next few days - pretty busy packing up for a trip atm.
Good morning everyone, it was great to read the posts regarding my new shoes. Hey Slewfoot, I love the cigar! Gdot, you're absolutely correct. I've dropped Vass an email to hear their thoughts. They are a friendly bunch and the whole buying process has been fantastic, so I'm expecting this to come to a very amicable end. Let's draw a line under this. I'll let you know how things conclude.
Yes, I agree re the colour being a whiskey variant. In fact, coincidently, there was a folded up note in the shoe, looks like a handwritten requirements definition for my shoes, it actually says "whiskey" on it....I feel a little upset, considering I requested cigar, was told I would be getting cigar (albeit "light" cigar..), and they end up whiskey, with the original make up instructions to match!Not sure if I should be pissed, or just glad that I like the shoes. The fit...
No idea re the "globes" - didn't ask for them specifically. The colour is growing on me, wasn't too sure at first glance - probably because it wasn't exactly what I was excpecting. It's almost like a deep whiskey (as opposed to a light cigar). I'll report on the fit tonight when I get them home. Go on, put an order in..
Hah, I was lucky, man - they probably found a piece laying about on the workshop floor or something. It's not a color they frequently use. The taps were EURO35 IIRC. The natural edge soles look fantastic. Will the colour on these get lighter or darker with age?
It is done! Shell is a lot lighter than I expected, though Rezso did say it was a "light cigar" shell. Here are some photos, I haven't tried them on for fit, but they look amazing.
Looks like a natural CXL or a waxy leather? I'd first give them a good clean with renomat to strip off the inground dirt that has set in the cuts/abrasions. You're now dealing with a clean surface, and it may even look better. Then apply polish in thin coats, in a shade a little lighter than the shoe colour. It will take patience and many coats. Just my thoughts, I'm sure other more experienced shoe-men will have much better suggestions!
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