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Almost new, only used it 3/4 times...just dont need it so has to go. Pictures dont do it justice, bag is in brilliant condition - just received a nice coat of Lexol after I took the photos and looking mint. Shipped anywhere in the world via courier. $375 shipped. PRICED TO MOVE $350 shipped globally by courier. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/briefcasethin?quantity=1&custcol1=L&custcol2=Tobacco&custcol3=Natura%20Pigskin&custcol15=Current
Looking for a 2 button / 3r2 solid grey staple work suit. 44 L (min 32 inch BoC), flat front pants, no cuffs. BBBF? Zegna? RLBL? Let me know what you have, thanks guys.
Cant find any Thom Browne oxford shirts on sale anywhere - any ideas?
No sir. They are available. They are on another FS post.
Damn if there was a Zegna 44L in grey I would be all over it. These are great suits.
Sorry - I honestly didn't intend to spam the thread. I have edited the original post to remove the reference.
Yep same pair, just moved countries and forgot about them. Still new and unworn, ready to be rocked!
If I was allowed to post I would say they were 44.5 new peter split toe norweigan, jr soles, steel toe plate, goyser natural stitched, dark whiskey..
...can I post here re a pair of (new, whiskey cordovan) Vass I'm selling??
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