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Placed a $300 order back in Nov 2014 and not received anything. Multiple emails over the last year, requesting refunds etc but no luck. I called my CC company today and they said I was SOOL as the charge was "legitimate". Is the best course of action to dispute the charge ie state it was not authorised? I'm unsure as to how a few people on the thread had initiated assistance from their card provider.
Thought so.
French in much of the middle east?
WTB collared moto, moto or bomber in 54.
I'm 40 now. Am I too old to wear an MDR?
Anything 54 would be considered, cash waiting, thanks.
Also looking for anything in a 54...would prefer a moto (collared or non) but happy to consider any style. Hit me up!!
Show the mild discoloration. I like honesty but need to visualise.
Almost new, only used it 3/4 times...just dont need it so has to go. Pictures dont do it justice, bag is in brilliant condition - just received a nice coat of Lexol after I took the photos and looking mint. Shipped anywhere in the world via courier. $375 shipped. PRICED TO MOVE $350 shipped globally by courier. http://www.saddlebackleather.com/briefcasethin?quantity=1&custcol1=L&custcol2=Tobacco&custcol3=Natura%20Pigskin&custcol15=Current
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