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Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia Neo, was that picture taken in KLIA?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man Are those sneakers Dior? They look a lot like them! KVA i think
Orlebar Brown's Bulldog
The players and fans loved him at Chelsea, and the only reason he didn't stay was because he wanted to see out his contract with Russia. Now he's with Turkey, but I've got an inkling that he could be persuaded to come back to the Bridge permanently
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Seriously? More details, please. Which exercises? Any dietary changes? Lots of planks, an exercise called the hundred I think, leg extensions and roll ups. Having said that, a lot of my progress must be my diet. I have been trying to eat healthy. <1700 calories, as little as possible simple carbs, and no carbs for dinner.
10 weeks of bi-weekly pilates alongside weight-training has tightened the excess skin around my torso leftover from fat days. super chuffed right now
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy The I.T. stores have a lot of goodies. Lane crawford at IFC building is the best one imo. Is there any difference in the buying/concept in each lane crawford? Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely gonna hit up Take 5 and the I.T stores
I could only find MC threads about shopping in Hong Kong. Anyways, I'm heading to Hong Kong for a couple of days, but besides the standard fare (Lane Crawford, Harvey Nics) I don't really know where to go. Suggestions of any cool shops/boutiques will be much appreciated. Thank you
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