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I'm looking to buy a quality boot or winter sneaker. I literally only wear common project sneakers and would like an "equivalent" boot to that minimalist but high quality style. Can anyone recommend any brands? Thanks I got that picture from there. I was looking at some goose jackets and saw they have a lot of nice boots worn on the models. can someone ID?
can anyone id the boot brand/designer by the lines/style? thanks
the cargos sweats are too stylish for the gym i.e. douche they're for casual outdoors imo
the Pholkov (i didnt know what they were when i tried them on, like i said, they must have been released same day i randomly went to uniqlo) are definitely better than the regular uniqlo line.the non cargo has a very slight taperi was wondering why tf it was $50 but when i touched the material and tried it on i felt it was worth itAlso, I used to buy size L for uniqlo sweat pants but now had to move to M (both uniqlo line and Plokhov)there's about a 3 year difference since...
they just popped up on the websitei must have gone there on the 1st day they released them, coincidence
they have new "Urban sweat pants" at Uniqlo NYC store for $49.90 It's a thicker elastic cotton material. Fit is slightly tapered and real stylish. Quality is up there with the higher Nike sweat pants. What i like about these are the crotch area feels more solid so your D isn't popping out and swinging around like in the $29 ones ($20 online right now)
What are some good top and bottom (jeans) colors to wear with black nikes? 1st time wearing black sneakers lol always wore white CP
guess no one cares about david blaine's jacket haha I'm guessing its Louis Vuitton, based on his previous leather jacket
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