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best post from fuck yeah menswear in recent memory
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Oh lost credibility right when he listed 'decor' as a 'key factor'. Neat article, but the logic is not air-tight. :-/ How is it unreasonable to expect a store that is in the business of selling designed products to focus on decor? It's the first chance they get to show the customer that they know what they're talking about.
anyone know usa/na online stockists that have universal works other than unionmade?
wrong thread
any good stores in boston worth going to through this weather?
patrik ervell stuff is all discounted through their own site, still a lot in most sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt ^ And yet they still manage to mess it up pretty often. I'd like to see their reaction to the suits young professionals wear in places like Japan or Europe. Everything would be "wrong" according to their narrow rules -- black (gasp), pants too tight, jacket too short, etc I just read through that thread about mc doing sw&d thinking this the entire time. Do they not realize that the attitude of the fit has...
Quote: Originally Posted by dwyhajlo Doesn't CCP use different construction techniques from season-to-season in order to achieve the "theme" of each collection? Look at the way he used chainstitching on some of that current stuff. I was always under the impression that chainstitching was fairly fragile, but I guess he needed to use the technique to get what he wanted. It could be also be a lockstictch but regardless, who leaves stitches...
If you're going to wear a shirt untucked it should have that curvature to the front of it or else it will look awkward. If you do anything to the purple shirt I'd say take only an inch off or so but to make sure that the tailor retains the shape of the bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas I honestly have trouble taking people who find these "artists" talented seriously. Nicki Minaj, Kid Cudi, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, etc. all fucking garbage. Anyone wanna hook me up with a job in OC/LA? I'll work for peanuts! Have you read the lyrics of cudi or wiz? I agree with you about drake lyrically, and I don't really like listening to cudi or wiz but some of those guys are talented writers.
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