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Hey Fluro, they look wonderful. Still waiting for mine as they cross the Pacific. How would you describe the depth of color. From your image they seem to look a true Ravello (not too dark).Thanks for the pics.
I'm in Sydney and I've just received notification from UPS that my Daytrippers are en route. Love the anticipation. I too wonder what the Ravello shade will be like. I will post pics.
I really enjoy mine which I bought from LeffotThey are pretty versatile and age gracefully.
Hey Leighlon, this is torture; I really love this boot.I have the Daytrippers on order with Lefott which were originally sceduled for late fall. With the scarcity of Ravello they're still quoting "late fall" but won't specify which year. Have to be patient....
Jason, your beanie works superbly with the trout. Looks like a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Thanks for sharing the pics.
I have the same pair on order. I take a 9.5D in the Barrie but have gone TTS (10D) in my Grant Cigar CapToe boots. These fit me well, as the Grant last is a bit slimmer than the Barrie. That said, I read that others go with the same size as their Barrie's. I would recommend going TTS.
These look terrific. A fantastic depth of colour and as you suggest are versatile enough to wear casually or with a suit. They look great against your Ralph Lauren herringbone pants.
I bought these from The Shoe Mart
And here is my contribution to your decision process. Love the light edge trim on the Cigar LWBs.
I now suspect this new policy to stop international shipping is due to a deal Alden has done with J Crew who is offering a dubious "free shipping" to most international destinations. With the current exchange rate Aldens should be a bit cheaper in $AUS than they are in $US. However, when you check the J Crew "Australian site" the shoes are hundreds of dollars more expensive. For example, the shell Cap Toe Boot is $US645 on the US site but is $AUS890 on the Australian...
New Posts  All Forums: