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Vero... thank you for the pointer.  I'm a fan of Charlie Munger.   Rsp... thank you, I will acquire House of Margon tommorow.   For what its worth I've been reading Vero and CT's discussion in the libertarian posting.  I have great respect for both of you.   CT... who WOULD you consider to be mystifyingly brilliant? W
For the wildly successful businessman out there... would you be generous enough to share some pearls with me.  For instance a piece of literature and/or advice received from a mentor or loved one.  Something that resonated so deeply you can point to it instantly and say it played a pivotal role in your attainment of immeasurable wealth and success.   Also if anyone can recommend a light fresh fragrance for work that is not easily discernable I would be forever...
Christopher Walkin... I'm using that one tonight.
seems your experience has been trivialized by the posters. I can say that I let an assistant go last week for having a conversation on the phone while a client waited patiently for me.... after several minutes with him standing there she briefly put her friend on hold... told him I was out of the office... handed him my card and proceeded to barrel along with her telephone conversation. She never bothered to take his name or number. Amazingly enough she was floored when I...
agree with JV regarding facet watches with a leather strap. Bracelet watches strike me as less formal... however I would wear this watch during the day.
Mr Kaga, www.artoftime.com is an excellent resource for used and unused timepieces of all varieties. As far as my comment regarding any large city... merely an assumption. I figured if my home state of Florida is able to yield such bargains... our more "sophisticated" cities to the North should have ample resources. W
Honestly I'd wear a Dunhill before a Rolex. Everyone I know that goes on a cruise comes back from the Islands with one of those damn things on their wrist. Personally I think its a drug dealers Timex that says I have more money than sense. You can pick up used low end Pateks, Vacheron Constantins, Jeagre le Coutres, Breugets etc for aproximately $2k at watch repair shops depending on your proximity to a major city. I've seen some deals over the internet (caveat emptor)....
New Posts  All Forums: