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Quote: Originally Posted by apropos "Take your time. I suppose you've saved for them anyway." Depending upon my mood, I probably would have said, "Blow Me." Then, I'd leave her to spend some time wondering whether I was being rude or just joking. Besides, a sales person takes a hell of a risk when she acts like an asshole to someone she doesn't even know. There's a whole bunch of people out here who are not in the habit of taking shit from...
Here are my first four shoes in order: Black Fifth Avenue Brown Clifton Brown Strand Burgundy Lombard
I just picked up the Allen Edmonds Lombard. It's a blucher wingtip with a 270 degree welt and thin all-weather soles. They're recraftable. I chose the burgundy, which I'm going to wear with a suit, sports jacket or even jeans - whenever I'm in the mood to feel casual. (If you want to go more formal, take a look at the Strand.) I ordered seconds from the factory store, and they're being shipped free from Port Washington. Cost: $225. And then I had a coupon for another 10%...
Quote: Originally Posted by captoe canali on sale. btw what's with all the armani recs? Canali. Try Bluefly:
Polo=typo. Although, come to think of it, one of the teams last Saturday was "The Black Watch," which is, in fact, polo by Polo. Ralph Lauren sponsored that team. RL also had a wonderful give-away on the tented side of the field (you don't want to know what it takes to get into that side of field). They had goody bags of RL gifts, including shirts with those huge pony logos.
I agree that there can be a difference, although at times the concepts merge. I spent yesterday at a Polo match in the Hamptons. I cannot even begin to describe it. I thought I was in Douchebagistan. And to the ladies, may I ask when you decided that panties should be worn as outer-garments? Thank you for the camel toes, nevertheless. Your Mums would be so proud.
I just picked up the Strand in burnished brown because I thought it would go with more outfits than the walnut. I thought the walnut was a nicer looking shoe - I just didn't see myself wearing it that much. (I'm not a fan of walnut with navy and definitely not grey.) By the way, I've never found the No. 5 last to be clunky. I love my Fifth Avenues and Strand, they fit fine, they look great and they are not in the least bulky. To each his own.
What's wrong with cash? And who wants a computer (ATM, credit card company, etc.) crawling around his private life, knowing where he's been, what he's spent, etc.? In my pocket/wallet: Never less than $500 (and never much more). Handy: $10,000. I feel better knowing that I have enough money to address emergencies and having the means to survive the unexpected event or two. But that's just me.
The fiance is a controlling pain in the ass, but it's this guy's life to fuck up. I'd just tell the guy I wasn't capable of running a totally lame bachelor party on terms dictated by his fiance. I'd tell him to get somebody else to front the bachelor (camp-out?) party. I'd tell him I'd like to attend the party, but I had been invited to a circumcision that night.
I am a 55 year-old man who until recently never paid much attention to shoes. So I've only just discovered Allen Edmonds shoes and have found them to be an enormous value. For the most part, they are traditional, well-built shoes that will be around longer than I will. I have a pair of black Fifth Avenues, brown Cliftons and burnished-calf Strands. Each is a classy, understated, high-quality shoe. Considering the price I paid for them, I find it hard to understand how AE...
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