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Personally, I would pick up navy and grey 1818 suits on sale at BB. But it you need a great suit, and you do not want to waste weeks or months trying to get a deal that you can brag about on this forum, I would buy Canali. Great suits, fabrics, details and construction. Watch out, though. If you go this route, it will be hard to buy lesser suits to fill out the wardrobe. I got spoiled.
I was in court in New York City yesterday, and there were tons of lawyers milling around. I saw some of the worst shoes imaginable on guys wearing well-made OTR suits for which no alterations/tailoring was apparent. A pair of AE Park Avenues, slightly polished, put someone in the all star league of footwear. That's what's out here, guys. If a guy makes even the slightest effort to dress decently - I'm talking minimally acceptable - he's dressed better than 99% of the...
I hope it's learned because I do not have a natural sense of style except maybe simplicity. I go for high quality items in traditional designs. My tailor (there's a word I did not know several years ago) will make them fit. The quality means they usually last a long time and feel better to me when I'm wearing them. I look best when there is nothing about my outfit that stands out. It looks right in a pleasing way, without anyone noticing anything in particular.
I don't care if what CT is doing is fair or not, or whether they are being misleading or not. The fact is that they are charging non-EU customers more than they are charging EU customers. As a US customer, I refuse to buy from any supplier who discriminates against US consumers. So, my trade will go elsewhere. Go riddance to you, CT.
Perhaps the principal reason I buy quality shoes is that they will last (no pun intended) a lifetime. That's because they are recraftable by the manufacturer. It is distressing to find that EG does not stand behind its product. So, EG (and its "misrable prick employee") are off the list.
Does anyone know if the 1818 classic two-button navy blazer fits true to size? I had to size up from a 40R to a 41R on the Madison suits. The salesman told me that BB has started cutting the suits slimmer. I don't know about the blazers.
Too old? Yeah, right. And nobody wears wingtips, or skinny ties, or slim suits, or chuck taylors, or jack purcells, or rod lavers, or striped ties, or desert boots, etc.
You're selling a used pair of shoes. They're "seconds" by definition.
It takes a while, but it gets better. That's a guarantee. Hang in there.
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