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When I upgraded, I started to read this forum and several others. I took as my bible the suggestion that fit was the number one item for my clothes. What took a lot of time was finding a tailor with whom I could work. At first, I thought I would just do what the tailor wanted, since I thought I knew nothing. After a while, that was not working. I did not like my own look or feel comfortable in my own clothes. For some reason, most of the tailors in my neck of the woods...
Check out Allen Edmonds. They're having a tent sale (ends today). There are a couple of offerings that will fit the bill for you, and they are about 50% off for factory seconds, discontinued models, close-outs, etc. You don't have to be in Wisconsin; just call the factory. They will e-mail a list of available shoes. Maybe you'll find what you need.
I often wear braces and have never had the belt loops removed. Nor do I worry much about taking my jacket off if that situation arises. I wear braces because I'm particular about where my pants fall at the ankles and because I would rather not adjust my belt several times during a long day or evening. But that's just me - I like to feel comfortable and easy.
I do not agree that properly fitted shoes are laced without a gap. A gap is acceptable and does not suggest an ill-fitting shoe.
This thread has gotten more than a little absurd. First, I do not care what a guy from Inner Mongolia has to say about whether it's worth it for him to buy clothes that cost a buck or two. Get this: He lives in Inner Mongolia. Enough said. Second, who cares what percentage an inexpensive shoe is of a more expensive shoe. Either your shoes look good, fit well and last for a while, or they do not. Third, a quality watch is not about telling time. Everyone knows a...
I am somewhere between the two extremes. I'm 5' 11" and 175. I don't like nondescript suits but neither do I like suits that are plastered to me. I guess I'm saying that I like the perfect suit.
I have a Breitling Colt Automatic. Nothing fancy about it - just a solid, functional sports watch. But I also have three other watches in the rotation: J Crew Timex, Baume Mercier Hamptons (black leather band) and a Swiss Military for knocking around. I'm covered, so I'm free to spend my money on suits and sports jackets.
In New York, summer ends the day after Labor Day, and it's pretty much back to business wear across the board. Seasonal clothes for weekends.
Sterlingwear pea coats.
I have seen guys look good in jeans with all sorts of shoes and even Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells. For me, I don't feel right wearing cap toes or any type of balmoral. They look ok, but I just don't feel right. I wear chukkas, loafers, boots and even wingtips. Less formal fits better with my mind set when I'm wearing jeans (501s, by the way).
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