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Yes, that's him. Also, I just read an article about the costume designer for the show. Greenfield makes all of Reddington's suits, to her specifications, with fabrics she picks from Holland and Sherry and from Beckenworth Fabrics in New York. Shoes, ties and socks are from Paul Stuart, Zegna and Saks. Outerwear from Loro Piana.
It's hard to reply to someone who thinks that Connery's three-pice suit is stodgy and that Craig's Skyfall suits actually fit and look good. I guess that's why the too-small look is selling.
I like a classic, no frills watch. It will look good forever and tell time. With that said, I bought the best watch I could with the money I was prepared to spend for a watch. In today's market, it would cost about $4,000 - a steel Breitling Colt Automatic. I also have a military Timex with a nylon band. I like both and do not care much what others think about them. So, I say spend what you want, get what feels good, and enjoy.
I'm not sure where this thread is going, but AEs are a quality dress/casual shoe, well constructed and offered at a very good price. I am sure that the top-end English manufacturers make a better shoe. I am equally sure that, aside from maybe 1/10th of one percent of the population, no one can tell the difference between a man wearing an AE shoe and the same man wearing a higher quality shoe from England, including EG, AS, C&J, Loake, etc. Indeed, the shoes most guys wear...
Wear what they tell you to wear, and leave it right there. Fixing it won't work, because they probably want you to look like a putz. either because that's their sense of style or to make sure the groom stands out. Looking decent will get you noticed in a bad way.
My MG suit from Gilt came today. Fabric: nice, somewhat thin (but that's super 130s). Jacket: true to size but tight, much waist suppression, a little shorter (1 1/2 inches) than what I'm used to wearing. Pants: very slim and tight. Overall: a quality suit. More fashion-forward than anything MG did for BB, but in a nice way. I remember trying on an MG Golden Fleece about three years ago. That suit was big and boxy; nothing like the MG from Gilt. Anyway, the suit is being...
Here's the deal: I just bought a MG suit for $900, no returns. It will be delivered next week. I've never bought anything from Gilt before buying this suit. For that matter, I have never bought serious clothing that cannot be returned or at least fixed. So, this is a leap for me. Here's why I did it: I know MG's stuff and how it is made. MG makes full-canvas jackets with hand-sewn arm holes and tons of construction details that make the suit a workhorse over the long...
I guess you never traveled and had a bunch of bags or with a woman with bags, or dashed across an airport to make a connection, or schlepped two or three heavy briefcases into a meeting or across a street and into a building, or any of a hundred things that come up when wearing a suit for business or work.
It depends what you mean by high-end brands. For me, Oxxford, Brioni, Canali, Turnbull and Asor, E. Zegna, etc, are high-end brands and make some of the best clothes on the planet. Other than Canali, I do not own much of these. I cannot afford them. Name brands. on the other hand, often charge way too much for the name. Some of their clothes have inferior construction, and others have clothes marketed under their names but made by others. In almost every case, there is...
Buttoned always, unless I am sitting down or performing some heavy physical activity. Hell, I wear a suit in order to look sharp. If I do not want to a look that formal, I don't wear a suit.
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