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While on the subject, anyone ever had a student discount applied in store after ordering Aldens online (or just ordering through the store)?
Sent you a pm
You guys want to keep this SF only or what? Someone could post this to reddit mfa and I'm sure it would fill up fast. Any chance of getting a black one also? I'd rather pay 50-60 and get a grey and black. Seems several others were also interested in a solid black. Also, if nate is going to have to ship all these out himself, I'd be more than happy to pay a small bit more so that he can make some money for the effort. 22 + shipping each is hella cheap anyways.
2 looks ugly in that pic but I've seen it styled really well... I want a pair bad my self.1 is kinda bland IMO.
Anyone have experience with using alden recraft on natural chromexcel, specifically ptb's?
I highly disagree [[SPOILER]]
Measurements on EG?
Thanks, we have practically the same measurements and I've been hesitant about picking up an SNS, especially after hearing about how the stark got slimmer. This guide should do me well.
If I had to choose I would take #2, just because all my shirts right now are blue. I also like the contrast stitching. Don't think you could go wrong either way
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