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Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Cool Avatar Dormouse ! I haven't seen Ultraman since ages Ah well, it's better LOL or ROFL... I also don't care for those who type with their CAPS LOCK ON.
Excessive use of smileys or emoticons.
That's pretty funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew I have no empirical evidence to back this up, but my personal feeling is that I find it incredulous that people at the top of their profession (as the designers at Pininfarina must be) are unaware of what other major players in their industry are doing. That would show an astounding lack of curiousity, which seems antithetical to the creative professions. --Andre I don't think people realize how often...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Cable Car sells a more substantial collapsing Brigg umbrella. It was much more expensive though. I have this particular umbrella. Unfortunately, it's rather large for someone of my stature.
Aren't those slender LED headlights nice?
HP laptops look rather nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by SGladwell There's not a single Audi now that I would compare favorably with the 2000 model year equivalent, except perhaps the A3. I agree that the current Audis are lackluster. Probably because they've yet to fully extend themselves from their Bauhausian design philosophy. Merely altering the headlamps and offering a new grille only made them look worse. Quote: What's wrong with Bauhaus? Since...
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