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Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Yes, I believe you can find it at Yoox yeah , i saw it on yoox, but the only sell XXL (usa 52)! i want to buy it for my bf and he need M
material boy, thanks for the reply. However in the off wimbledon online shop i never seen this jacket, also in june or general in summertime for the problem is that the website doesnt send any stuff outside USA, and i live in italy bloomingdales dont sell any wimbledon jacket, might you help me to provide url to see what im lookin 4? thanks x
would be great if someone tell where can buy it, here is italy no one have kind of this jacket
like the title of topic. The legendary wimbledon jacket ralph lauren.
hi there hope you can help me! anyone knows where i can find this BEAUTIFUL wimbledon jacket!?? Thanks!
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