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Elon Musk pocketed 20 million today. I wonder if there are any tax credits available on account of the green aspect of Tesla. Tesla could turn out to be a great tax shelter but less of a manufacturer.
PM sent. As well anyone with Grenson sizing comparisons....? I wear a 9.5D in some shoes: Ferragamo, AE, Gravati, Moreschi and then a 9D in some: Alden, Borgioli. Any comparisons?
The IPO went through Where did all the venture cash come from? I wonder how much of the stock was bought using PayPal?
be careful if his name is Tyrone:
The best suit for under $500 is a used suit. Figure your size range and wait...look here and on the bay. Find something well made, capable of bein altered....I bought a Borrelli off the bay for 500 bones including shipping.....spent $125 on a tailor and now I am golden
Anyone have any idea on whether Massimo Bizzocchi suits are any good?
Bag arrived and is terrific......thanks pal.
So I am a bit confused on something. I saw today in Esquire (I believe it was) and article on Kiton and the fella in charge of Kiton US operations. At the tail end they had a Kiton super microfiber fabric (11mil?) that had a going price of $11,000. My understanding from my readings here is that a bespoke MTM suit from a respected tailor using high end fabrics is always preferable to a RTW garment. I also gather that such a bespoke garment would cost 3k-5k. That being...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 +1, if you regularly wear suits and haven't worn one or more of them for over a year it's probably time to clean some out. However, if space or money are not issues then it probably doesn't really matter. I should add, I am an attorney---commercial litigation. I wear one every day. Sometimes even weekends depending upon the workload/client mtg require. I have learned that when you are being paid...
How many is too many? I bought a few nicer ones back in 2004-2005 (, Hugo Boss, Zegna, Canali, Prada, Armani Black Label, Gieves & Hawkes, Barbera). The higher end ones were the Zegnas and Canali's. I think at that time I thought that those 2 makes were B+/A- and the Armani BLs were the A+. I was in the market for some new ones due to the wear/tear and a few moth holes. I have been avidly reading here and now have a few Oxxfords, a few Borellis, 2 Pal Zileris, 2...
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