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Although I pretty much always knew that Ricky Martin was gay, I had no idea that he was Russian also...
His value comes not from his golf winnings but his sponsorship opportunities. A tell-all book for example might possibly make him persona non grata with certain market segments. Its one thing to be derided by the bimbo train, another all together to be blasted by your wife who in the public eye looks pretty wronged at this point. 750 mil is a small percentage of the revenue TW could generate over the next 10 years. It is a smart 'business' move on his part..
I think the issue is that incorporated within men's style is a frat-guy sense of humor and an alpha male pecking order. My own personal experience is that if a man is self concious enough about his own personal style that he finds himself within the hallowed halls of SF, he is more likely an alpha and just as likely to piss on you as he is to advise you. Welcome ... hope you stick around.
I do have the uneasy feeling sometimes that there are like 50 companies worldwide that run everything. I heard today about how the AIG bailout actually bailed out a slew of large banks. The bailout passed fund s through AIG to its counterparts in the credit swaps including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, DeutscheBank, and other major banks. The funding also required AIG to waive claims against the banks related to the credit swaps.....ef me
Elon Musk pocketed 20 million today. I wonder if there are any tax credits available on account of the green aspect of Tesla. Tesla could turn out to be a great tax shelter but less of a manufacturer.
PM sent. As well anyone with Grenson sizing comparisons....? I wear a 9.5D in some shoes: Ferragamo, AE, Gravati, Moreschi and then a 9D in some: Alden, Borgioli. Any comparisons?
The IPO went through today...wtf? Where did all the venture cash come from? I wonder how much of the stock was bought using PayPal?
be careful if his name is Tyrone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NijwK99OO04
The best suit for under $500 is a used suit. Figure your size range and wait...look here and on the bay. Find something well made, capable of bein altered....I bought a Borrelli off the bay for 500 bones including shipping.....spent $125 on a tailor and now I am golden
Anyone have any idea on whether Massimo Bizzocchi suits are any good?
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