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Pics of the sole?
SUTOR MANTELLASSI Norwegian Welt Derby. Tan. Size 42 EU Worn about 11 times. Really great shoe. A little too small for me. Would fit a US 9 to 9.25. I bought these from an esteemed SF member, though they were fine, wore them for a day and by the end of the day, my feet felt way to cramped up....I really wanted to like these shoes... SOLD
http://www.fahrneyspens.com tons of pens to drool over....I like the Lamy pens. I have a Mont Blanc which is quite nice. For every day use w/o fear of misplacement---the Lamy's are the way to go. You can find them on ebay for $15 brand new. I usually order 5 or 6 since the shipping is the same as if you purchase just one.
loving the attention.....I see.....whoever you might or might not be. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. --United Creative Negro College Fund
Ronin.....or in real life princess Die-anna in Paris
talk about self-destruction....Mel is toast.
whatever you have on top, make sure you are prepared and have a jimmy hat on at all times. Never know when you might need to slip it out use it....
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrewc2232 A 60's Ford Mustang, for instance, can be a very cheap and easy car to maintain. We own a '68, a '69, and a '70 Boss 302. Parts are ubiquitous, and the engine bay is laid out in such a way that most repairs are a snap if you're a little bit inclined mechanically. Good call....I have a 1966 Mustang 6 cylinder 3 spd on the floor. It like the old Johnny Cash song...the engine is from a '74 Maverick,...
I had a friend in HS who inherited a 1948 Chevy from his deceased grandfather. Push button starter (and transmission I believe). He drove it every day around town and not on highways. If your conception of an everyday driver is that ---avoiding faster intersates, 50 mph max speed--then they are probably not as much a liability. My office is 8 miles from my house and can all be driven in a 25-35 MPH speed limit area. I would feel fine driving a vintage badass to work...
1) holding up a rural WVa convenience store when I was in college....for the thrill of it....netted like $28 dolllars and years of paranoia 2) skateboarding down I-64 Afton Mountain while they had one side closed to install fog lights 3) drinking 4 triple Vodka shots in 15 minutes and then driving home..... I could go on...but that sums it up. So for awhile I guess I was trying to get someone to help me commit suicide....
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