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I rang up almost 12k entertaining some wealthy arab oil clients in an NYC establishment. Between me and their entouarge, it was 25 more or less people. The major item was champagne and high end vodka.
No votes for October Road?
Lady GaGa King Crimson Drive By Truckers Kanye West Coldplay
I haven't seen John Kennedy Toole mentioned....A Confederacy of Dunces is an american classic
she's just a big out of shape alaskan..............its hard to have a figure in a snow machine suit
So, I declared today New Jack Swing Monday.... a healthy does of Bell Biv Devoe, Teddy Riley and of course 6'8" Montell Jordan..... others? I sort of have this movie idea of BBD's "Poison" being used in an Afghan war film....these half crazed young kids riding in an armored Humvee just gunning down everything that moves....sorta a modern take on a FF Coppola's Apocolypse Now
Anyone have a spare set?
Go 'Skins..... Okay...I'll take the bait. The dismantling of the Bills with decent, mistake free football makes me optimistic. Even though thsey played atrotious at times under Zorn, they had some odd moments last year that made me think that they were not that far off (they took NO into overtime). 2 Things create certain success in the NFL: a good defense and a good O-Line. Those will have you contending for the playoffs every year. What takes teams over the top...
I forget ...does Campbell know about his kid with Peggy? What was all the head banging and furtive looks for? Does Peggy still like that waszle (wasp+weasel)?
pm sent this morning...........
New Posts  All Forums: