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bicycles, mp3's and more bicycles
Typically fault will have little to nothing to do with the division of assets (unless of course assets were spent in pursuit of the faulty activity). Read: I have a nimrod friend who spent over 100k at strip clubs. You can bet that his wife got back the squandered $ in the division of assets. Had he simply had an affair and not spent significant assets, he would have been OK
--always take the high road --be smart both in the work that you do and the moves that you make --never get outworked --figure out who the good people are above you and get noticed by them
The problem with older used carbon fiber bikes is that they can develop stress fractures that unless you know where to look and what to look for you may not observe. Kestrels of that vintage had problems cracking at the chain stays. Its an area that gets a lot of dirt and grime so you really might not notice it. CF when it fails just shears w/o much warning. I have modest collection of older bikes and with the exception of a 3 year old Look 486 sl, they are all older...
Have to go with: Chappelle's Show
Cinema Paradiso Betty Blue Saving Private Ryan and probably because I saw it my myself as a disenfranchised high schooler Apocolyse Now
Hitchcock made some stylish films
How about dem BROWNS?
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