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sorry 'bout the Jets...me thinks that they get knocked off by the Pats or the Ravens. I think that the Jets are the 2nd or third best team in the NFL. Unfortunately, I thnk that the Pats and the Ravens are just a bit better...
Brett Favre
I'm in the market for a new laptop....any recommendations. I was considering a Samsung QX410-J01. Can spend up to $1200.....
04 Civic Si
I am buying the SONY now.... Sony ICF-C218
super bowl predictions, as of right now? 1--eagles 2--falcons (only because they have a cheesed schedule and will have HFA) 3--packers 4--saints (long shot pick) 1--pats 2--ravens 3--steelers 4--chargers (longshot pick...but they could catch fire)
bicycles, mp3's and more bicycles
Typically fault will have little to nothing to do with the division of assets (unless of course assets were spent in pursuit of the faulty activity). Read: I have a nimrod friend who spent over 100k at strip clubs. You can bet that his wife got back the squandered $ in the division of assets. Had he simply had an affair and not spent significant assets, he would have been OK
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