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drop to $80 shipped conus for the remaining Sanford pair
drop to $99 shipped conus for the remaining Sanford pair
drop to $112 shipped conus for the remaining Sanford pair
Greeting folks: I have for sale 2 pairs of AE shoes. One is a Danbury (smooth cut almost patent leather look) and a Sanford (captoe brouge) Both are in almost new condition. The Sanfords have been worn 2-3 times and the Danbury's once. I have come to realize that although the AE 9 1/2 C fits perfect in the morning, by 3PM, my feet feel cramped, confined and thus, as I have other better fitting shoes, these will go unworn. I thnk I paid over $200 for each pair, but...
The only people I know with Ipads are 100% total douche bags......is there a special DB app that comes with them?
Chargers beginning to show signs of real life. The AFC West is theirs for the taking.....
Am I the only one who finds the new Burger King "extra set of hands" ad both wierd and disturbing. The extra set of hands guy looks like some prison cell date rapist....
for the music recorded on them originally....LP's are better than CD's
I had already eliminated the Mac from contention. Its a good machine but when you have to use a lot of PC programs the work arounds can be mind numbing....
I guess the notion is that love and law are blind. The law does not believe in gold digging as a profession. The law presu mes that all marriages are viable and entered into for the right reasons. The prenup is the modern law version of dealing with gold digging. Reminder at common law, contracts prior to marriage and in the furtherance of marriage were not enforceable
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