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Lordsuperb: Who cares what anyone thinks of them? If you like how the garments look and feel -more importantly, how they make YOU feel- it doesn't matter. Rest assured: At least they are made in America and aren't Hong Kong garments priced like American ones..
Is this a bar with swatchbooks attached? Seriously, is the alcohol the focus?
Of course I know who it is, otherwise I wouldn't have posted. And for Claghorn: the point is to stay away from the "Unfinded liabilities" thread. There's too much disinformation as it is. Gringodaddy: Stick to the tailor's advice for cloth. Once you get a few garments under your belt, you should have a better idea of what kind of cloth works best. Then, you can try to source your own.
Gringodaddy, Do yourself a favor and stop listening to all the chatter in this thread. The tailor you spoke with is very good and the price he quoted is very fair. Who cares if David Reeves is contesting the pay scale and rent the man pays, etc.? He may not be putting 50 hours into your suit. So what? Just make sure the thing fits and be happy. Make sure it fits to your standards instead of those who ponitficate on these message boards, many of whom have NEVER had...
Then don't. Just stick to whover you use now and stop trying to find the Holy Grail becasue it doesn't exist. Just ask all those people on this forum that jump from maker to maker, spending tons of money and still end up looking bad.
So, what are you going to do with your newfound information?
They are made at a place called Nunyabusiness. They have been around forever, but don't ask them too many questions. Seriously, who cares?
Pedigrees of any kind in the clothing business should be taken with a grain of salt. It all depends on the individual. Remember Jason Amesbury from Lobb or various makers/alterations from A&S or other Savile Row houses? Ambrosi anyone? They were touted up and down the message boards and couldn't deliver product and were in way over their heads. In NYC, how much good can come from a Duncan Quinn pedigree, a con man who doesn't pay his bills? How about a background...
Regarding Chipp/Winston Tailors: Paul Winston would never mention JFK as a way to get a client. He has been in the business for 50 years and has plenty of funny stories about the clientele. If you want JFK's suit, then by all means ask to have one made from his pattern. If you want a suit made from Frank Sinatra's pattern, go to Alfred Dunhill. Anyone who goes to a tailor just because a living or dead celebrity shopped/endorsed/was paid by is either an idiot or has no...
CosmeDaniel, If you travel back and forth to Texas, that's fine. However, your choices for a quality tailor are greater in DC. Besides, who wants to look like a Texas politician? William Field and his father made suits for politicians when politicians knew how to dress....
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