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I'd be in as well
I have some mixed experiences with Alden sizing and will very much appreciate additional advice even though it was covered already Shell Lwb (Barrie) in 6d fits well but maybe borderline to be too small (i.e. comfortably tight with thin dress sock but uncomfortable with thicker sock). What size should I go for in calf indie boot ? 1. Some people say that truebalance is slightly bigger than Barrie - true or? 2. Somewhere I've seen that shell versions fit a bit smaller...
many thanks, I will PM you for details..
Would appreciate sizing advice on Inis shawl collar toggle sweater - would S be ok for size 36? for comparison, SNS Herning Stark M for me is a tiny bit big in chest, and a bit too long... If I compare measurements Inis S is a bit bigger than SNS M chest - SNS 38, Inis 39.4, length - SNS 25, Inis 25.2
Mayden voyage for Calabrese plain grey untipped 7fold tie today.. so good that i had to buy the last brown and black... would Calabrese ties be restocked ?
Porter by Yoshida Brown "Tand" leather clutch portfolio I am working in a quite conservative environment e.g. strategy consulting for top banks - would it work ? from website pics it looks like "yes why not ".. or ? just wondering why it still in - looks like a very classy item
I would definitely be up for those.. Altough have yet to figure out my sizing for carmina.. Last few commissions are too small
Just got Lazio longsleeve polo (XS ) - like it very much, but it is borderline to being too small. What's your experience - do they shrink when washing ? XS is kind of ok on torso (but quite slim fitting), and sleeves are actually too short and slim - if it shrinks even a bit after washing I would prefer to exchange for S size
[[SPOILER]] I second these... but original colour also looks great...
II've just purchased exactly this style in Barcelona shop - 3 eyelet chukka on Rain in snuff suede. Could post live pic later.Looks quite nice and dressy, but I think for perfect hatch grain autumn boot I would prefer less pointy / more rounded last ( forest / soller smth) + dainite sole.
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