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wallet ready, finger on refresh button need your sizing advice guys - i am 5.5UK in Carmina Rain (although a bit too snug), 6D in Alden Barrie (also quite snug), 6 in converse
I missed my heirloom several years ago but now navy is on the way to me
6 E. Worn around the house - appear too wide for me.
Hi yet another stupid sizing question from newbie - sorry if it was already answered or can't be answered at all I have 2 pairs of Alden so far - - shell LWB in 6D which initially was a bit tight overall, but after 20-30 wears feels comfortable with thin socks - Brand new 403 Indy in 6E, which feels a bit roomy in the toebox even with think socks I have a couple more pairs on order from Leffot (cigar shell indy and black grain LWB) - both in 6E, and now concerned that...
what is the difference between olive cotton washed twill as in http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/driggs-washed-cotton-twill-trouser-olive and olive English Sanded Canvas as in http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/made-to-order-trousers/products/epaulet-made-to-order-trousers-english-sanded-canvas I am out for dressed up version but liking less saturated colors - from the photos it seems that sanded canvas is less saturated - true ? is there any...
that's cool. Mike when could we get into preorders ? I think I need grey suede and also off-white/gum in US 6.5 or 7.
glad i snagged before they were gone... wait - I can sell it to you with 15% upcharge
EP seersucker BD is my summer go to shirt
I'd be in as well
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