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EP trouser experts, need your help i'm looking to restart my fall / winter dress trousers wardrobe from scratch and looking for 2-3 workhorse basics to order in Driggs fit. Intended use is office, mostly to be worn with sportcoats in different shades of navy and medium to dark brown shoes. Living in Moscow Russia so cold and sometimes quite wet climate. One obvious choice is Oxford grey flannel 8153. Which other options would be most versatile for everyday office wear,...
I've visited Norwegian rain flagship in London - they told me that they design sleeves intentionally long but so that you could turn cuffs back when it's not raining (e.g. Same material inside of the cuff not the liner ) or turn them down and be completely waterproof if needed. I am wearing mine with turned back cuffs and works very well even with the suit
I do have pearl gray one and it is fantastic! Actually it was bought for my wife and she is using it very frequently even though it is larger than typical fashion women's backpacks and probably was designed as the mans bag. colour is fantastic, quality of the leather too. The only drawback is that zipper was sewn in not very carefully, and my needed small fixing.. Guess this is what distinguishes cheaper machine sewn leather bags from more expensive hand-sewn. However...
Rivet chino question - how many washes are required to absolutely take out any shrinking ? i want to wash them before hemming to the right length What is the right temperature for washing rivets ? many thanks!
[[SPOILER]] Thank you Kyle and Frank, i will go with size 32
Looking for advice on sizing Big John RARE Slim Tapered being in Europe won't be able to try and return back, and anyway with shrink-to-fit it might be hard to understand on first try if they fit... For reference i am wearing - 3sixteen jeans size 32, which are ~89 cm measured around waist before washing, fits quite comfortable if not a tiny bit loose - Epaulet rivet...
MikeAt some point you've said it would be possible to order non-stock sizes of regular stock make-ups - is it still the case ? Need monochrome white for spring
this looks freaking fantastic !!What size should I be ordering ?i have a couple of Epaulet fit shirts in S - however after 2 years of weightlifting they are a bit too tight in chest and waist, and a bit too short in sleeves..EPLA crewneck size S is ok length but quite tight in sleeves and torso.
same as you here on shirts. small in loopwheel tees was way too tight - i would size up, or at least double check measurements against other tees
Already out of stock in M and L . Hopefully you are planning another run. Maybe it would be possible to pre-order ?
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