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No, not a very good deal I would say.
From last year, worn maybe 4-5 times max (did too many deadlifts). No visible wear and tear. Hemmed to 33" inseam with 1.5:" cuffs. Inseam can be let down or taken up as needed.
The emerald sportcoat looks great! Mike, anymore tweed pants in the works this year?
Armholes on the short down parka are extremely high. I'm sending it back, I don't want a coat I can't wear a sweater underneath.
These "Mora" at Nordstrom's are actually the Mora 2.0. right? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-mora-double-monk-shoe-men/3616142
Just to let you know, this thread is pretty free from negativity compared to most and we try to keep it that way. Also that pic is years old...
Anyone know if AE can still make the orginal Mora? The Mora 2.0 is kind of pointy for my taste.
Would you mind posting pics/impressions when you receive it? We are about the same size if I remember correctly, so I'd like to see how it works for you.
Oh please, how many people here actually wear anything until the end of its life?
What size S&C Cardigan for 6'2" 180 lbs with 41" chest? I'm guessing medium? The measurements look huge but I don't mind a relaxed fit for chunky cardigans.
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