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I have a lot of trouble fitting into loafers due to a wide forefoot. Anyone know of any options? I can usually wear AE Park Aves in 10.5EE
Same. I love that they picked that up, it's awesome
If anyone is looking to sell a pair of crosshair loafers in brown or dusty brown size 44 hmu
Oh yeah, same. I'll be a little bit devastated if I'm not able to pick that one up.
Could be the lighting, but this doesn't look like the same shirt Geller was wearing after the SS17 show. His looked more red and grey than red and blue. This fabric looks more like the shirt at Acrimony (with a different collar)
I just realized how close I live to MP3. Can't believe I've never been there
Would anyone have a list of current stockists they could share?
Which US retailers carry Loake? The only one I know is East Dane. Still sucks so much that you can't buy them from UK distributors any more
Those are not thick at all in my experience
How many dogs can u fit in ur hat
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