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Which Nikes are those, Snowman?
Can you lower volume instead?
Haven't been following this thread long. You compete? Powerlifting?
To be fair, you aren't going to be at a "competitive" level lifting twice a week either.
Don't wear it with either of those shoes.
That $25 shipping to US. Ouch
Don't add in a bunch of accessory work, that won't help you at this point. If you're just starting out, you're probably still working toward gaining control over your muscles and perfecting your form. These things just take time, but they will improve soon enough and your lifts will go up. For me, pinning down the correct form has always been crucial. Watch yourself in a mirror if you can to see if you're doing it correctly. Other then that just make sure your diet is on...
lol dude this isn't swimming specific. If you stop exercising of course you're going to get fat unless you eat fewer calories.
Does Seconds stuff run larger than mainline RG?
It looks like you bought all those clothes today and just put them on.
New Posts  All Forums: