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I'd go 10 G. I wear Park Aves in 10.5EE and I found the 10 G just a bit loose. 10.5 G will definitely be long
Has anyone seen anyone short sleeved Lupos this season or is that strictly a S/S item?
More options is pretty much always a good thing in fashion
Anyone have an L stark in the "clay" color from a few years back they want to sell? I have an M, which is one of my favorite sweaters, but it's just too small these days. The new colors don't appeal to me as much
^I just got mine today and it's amazing. Good luck with your sale
Hey All, would an L or XL Lupo be best for a 41" chest?
I ended up buying one of the rabbit felt hats even though hats are typically not my thing. I actually like it alot - it can be molded into whatever shape you please but also feels very sturdy. Their customer service email also responded quickly with sizing advice
It would be great if those of you with Stoffa jackets, trousers, etc. could post some pics and additional thoughts about the process/garments. It seems there's just not a lot of info out there about Stoffa
Whoa wait, where'd you get that shirt? I never saw it in that color
^That's great. Deets on the Schneider pants and shirt? What season are they from?
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