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I'm usually a 32 and I got a 5. It's pretty slim through the legs and seat. I'm sure NMWA would be happy to give you more specific advice
I would suggest lightening the picture of the A1. It's impossible to make out any details (on my monitor at least)
Is anyone besides NMWA carrying the signal trouser in night? I've seen black at a few other webstores but I'd prefer the night
Why are the lemaire slippers available everywhere except USA? Kind of lame
Damn. Did not expect those to go so fast or I wouldn't have waited
The waist on the signal trousers seems to be enormous. Would you recommend sizing down?
Have any stores put up trousers from ss16?
I actually don't care for product shots on models, because the models usually have weird proportions (like 6'3" with 35" chest) which just makes things more confusing
That doesn't look like gyno, just weird shaped pecs
Use a fabric shaver
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