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How do the players trousers fit in the thigh? A size 4 seems to equate to about a 32 but that seems small.
Has anyone posted fit pics of the Schneider players trousers? I tried searching the thread but didn't see any.
Is there a recent list of stockists someone could link me to? I couldn't find it with the search feature
Is all the footwear on the same last? Just curious because the size guide says to choose an extra wide last if you have a wide foot...
Hey thanks!
Hey guys, would somebody be able to point me toward where I can buy a button shawl in navy? I checked independence but they are sold out. Thanks!
I feel like the shoulders look proportionately too narrow for the width of the waist. It creates a weird A shape
Anyone have experience with the Legend last? How does sizing run?
Yeah the lambswool is terrible but the merino wool is legit.
Anyone know of a jacket similar to the commander but with a looser fit in the chest/shoulders? I had to size up two to fit into it comfortably and that was way too long. I was looking at the Lutz but it just isn't as good, the chest is too plain and I don't like the pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: