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Stitches is getting addicted to the thumbs. We should stage an intervention. Just kidding, man
I don't believe so, but maybe someone more knowledgeable could chime in.
Great! Thanks
Does C&J do MTO with different widths? Would like to get the Skye but I would need a G fitting...
Interesting, I'd never heard of that. Looks like I'm sort of out of luck with most of this stuff then. Wish they made an XL in some of this, although then the shoulders would be too big by the looks of it.
P2P measurements on the outerwear seem really tight for the listed size. A 42 is 21 inches p2p? That would be skin tight on a true 42.
Definitely. Maybe Mike can chime in about this.
Does anyone have a picture of how the thighs of a pair of pants should be measured? I see on the website it says it's measured "straight across, from the lowest part of the crotch." Does that mean the lowest part when the waistband is aligned, or the intersection of the two seams? Just need a little clarification, thanks.
Epaulet had a cool one on sale last I checked
I live in Minnesota and my go-to lately has been dainite-soled boots, tweed pants (possibly thermal underwear underneath), wool sweater, and an N3-B parka. Don't forget gloves because the cold is on brutal your hands.That's sufficient, but I still wouldn't want to be outside for long periods. Downtown Minneapolis has an awesome skyway system connecting the buildings so if you're in that area you hardly need to go outdoors!...
New Posts  All Forums: