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You should post a pic of the pants when you get a chance.
Hmm okay thanks for you input, man
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Postmans? I've heard both that they fit narrow and large so I don't know what to believe...
This is probably a stupid question, but any chance we'll see more of the pindot chambray fabric from a couple years ago? My chambray shrank way more than I expected when I first washed it so I eventually had to sell it. It was an awesome shirt though.
How long is it on you? The measurements seem awfullly short
Yeah the linen shirts are pretty true to size. The biceps were ridiculously tight for me so I'll have to return.Not really. The materials just will have different qualities.
Henley looks cool but super short.
Let's see some pics of the linen shirts, guys
T-shirts are a little short on me too, unfortunately. Oh well, you can't please everyone!
Are the Airism tees stretchy or should I size up? The p2p looks really small
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