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How long does it typically take to receive a return label after requesting a return? I just want to be sure I initiated it correctly on the website.
lol @ styling that with a tie and dress shirt
Can anyone recommend a good fragrance for spring/summer? I don't really care for "sporty" scents. I've been looking for a while but can't find anything I like
I have a Sublime paper hat in natural size 2 which is slightly too big. If anyone has a size 1 and wants to trade, let me know!
How do you guys wash your tencel stuff? I have a pair of tencel flight pants but I'm not sure if I should just put them in the washing machine.
Unless you're training for powerlifting competitions and at powerlifting gym, there's no reason to drop it from the top. Most conventional gyms don't even like it because it can damage the floors and annoys other patrons
I'm sure this is incredibly obvious, but what model are these?
Do the zip shirts from SS16 fit small or large? I'm about a 41" chest and not sure whether to go 50 or 52
Did anyone else get an email with a promotional code from Totokaelo for $100 off purchases $200 and above? Seems like a good discount if there aren't any other strings attached
You pretty much know what you're getting into when you put something on Groiled, i.e. lowballs, dumb requests
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