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I'm glad you can copy and paste from reddithttp://www.reddit.com/r/Jokes/comments/25x850/the_new_father/chlq6ko?context=1
Okay thanks, guys
How are the buttero sidezips in terms of width? They look kind of sleek, and I have borderline wide feet so I'm a little concerned about the width.
Do the tees and tanks fit true to size? I'm a 42 and find that I take a 52 in most of his outerwear. Should I go L or XL for the tees?
Damn which Schneider pants are those? Awesome
Click on the link and you can see all the pieces from the picture
Was the fencing shirt ever made in size 52? I've been searching for one on the secondhand market for a couple of years but have never seen one in that size.
What size?
How do the leggings compare to the slim fit jeans? Are they tighter in the thighs?
New Posts  All Forums: