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How is the Robert last in terms of width, instep?
Aww man. Just payed full price for those tweed trousers. Good stuff in the sale section though, guys.
A lot of people buy from Pediwear I think. I've heard they have excellent customer service. Does anyone take half a size up in the 026 last? I found it felt a little short when I went down a full size from my US shoe size, but I wonder if it would be too big in other dimension if I sized up.
Can anyone comment on how the Forest last fits in terms of width, instep? How does it compare to, say, the AE 5 last?
I want to do an MTO but I'm unsure on sizing. Is there somewhere in the US I can order a couple of sizes to try on and then return? Kind of a dick move maybe but there is no retail location near me.
Hey Mike, this image is a little old, but would you mind giving me details on this Carmina one off of yours? I'm interested in a similar make up. Is that the ruby shell? Sorry if this is the wrong thread since it's not exactly Epaulet related.
Sounds like you got hit with duties. There is no way to avoid this, unfortunately. It may not happen every time though.
Thanks, that's great. I'm guessing Carmina doesn't do different widths for it's MTO, right? Just different lasts?
Is there a comparison of all the lasts I can look at somewhere?
[[SPOILER]] Howlin' Again and MTO Carmina "Gangs of NY" boots and Epaulet Belt. That thing lives in those jeans and rarely gets a peek, but with the vest today I get to show it off a bit!Were those boots part of an Epaulet MTO? Sad I missed that.
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