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I got this as well and I agree. The armholes are just way too high. I'm going to see if I can stretch them out because it's really nice otherwise.
The old geller bomber would be sick
Does anyone have any thoughts on the Thurston Daredevil versus the Falcon Garments DR2?
How does the richard jacket fit this year?
Is that the Algae coat? Really wanted that but the p2p measurement was so small
Anyone know if the Oliver Coat from last year was produced in size 52?
So as a 50/52 there's probably not much point in looking on rakuten for Geller stuff, right?
No comment on sizing but definitely don't put that in the wash, man
I'm on board for capes
Norwegian Rain Rive Gauche belted raincoat, GRP ecru rollneck sweater, Frank Leder flannel trousers, Heschung split toe boot
New Posts  All Forums: