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My roommate will come home from work and just lounge around in his trousers and dress shirt for the rest of the day. Truly baffles me.
I asked Cruvoir about this and they said "sample size = V" but then in a later email said "all sample tops are size IV" so I can't be sure. I would assume IV is correct though.
Can anyone venture a guess on sizing for this item? I'm generally a V in Schneider knits but take a VI in some outerwear. About 42" chest, but slim with a large drop. Not sure whether to go V or VI on this one.
It is, I just don't want to gamble on sizing.
Really like this piece. Hopefully some place picks it up this fall.
Very cool stuff! I appreciate you putting this together, @LA Guy Off topic, but do you know what shoes the model is wearing? They look interesting.
What is the 4497s like? One size down from brannock?
Current season "robert" shirt, size 52. Oh well, going on groiled.com
How much do the players trousers (knit version) stretch out? Seems I'm between a size 4 and 5
Lesson learned:Geller shirting is extremely weird shaped. Who needs 23.5" p2p but only 17.5" shoulders?
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