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What size?
How do the leggings compare to the slim fit jeans? Are they tighter in the thighs?
How does the zipper blazer from this past season fit? At a 42" chest will I fit a size 52?
Is there any difference in material/feel between the slim fit jeans and the slim fit color jeans?
It annoys me how Joan doesn't have Don's back through all of this. He was the only one who wanted the best for her during the Jaguar incident and I felt like they bonded that season.
Too small for my hobbit feet
What's a good entry level sidezip boot? Budget under $400
Is he measuring your wiener?
The black jeans seem to have way less stretch than the grey ones. Anyone else experience this?
What are the shoes, afixedpoint? Great fit on that ma-1
New Posts  All Forums: