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What do you guys do with the laces on the lace cuff coat? Seems like they would get caught on things.
I'm guessing it's because the Japanese tend to buy more of these brands? The only solution is for us to become the larger market so they are forced to cater to our size. I will do my part.
I get sad when they don't make things in 52. Or when the 52 fits like a 48. But yeah I like that new baseball shirt. Shoes look weird, are they a CP collab?
How thick are the flannels? They look fairly lightweight
Awesome, which coat is that?
Awesome, Benjaminba
"After seasons of particular, if occasionally oblique, references—David Bowie circa The Man Who Fell to Earth, late-stage Soviet communism, the brief creative burst of Weimar Germany—Robert Geller wanted to "pull it back a little and work with less," he said. That meant getting a squeegee, some paint, and through trial and error (a lot of it, he stressed), arriving at the perfect representation of a brushstroke, the dominant motif in Geller's Spring men's...
Don't care for the prints, but pants and outerwear look cool. I wish the new (tencel?) bomber in khaki didn't have contrast ribbing on the cuffs and hem.
Anyone know if the button shawls will be back this year? I seem to miss out on one every year.
Did we decide on a custom patch?
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