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Haha they're kind of a tan/beige. Unless I'm colorblind too...
^time for some new socks haha
I don't see a problem with it
^Those are actually cool. In contrast to the SS17 version which have tiny lighthouses on them for some reason
I'd go 10 G. I wear Park Aves in 10.5EE and I found the 10 G just a bit loose. 10.5 G will definitely be long
Has anyone seen anyone short sleeved Lupos this season or is that strictly a S/S item?
More options is pretty much always a good thing in fashion
Anyone have an L stark in the "clay" color from a few years back they want to sell? I have an M, which is one of my favorite sweaters, but it's just too small these days. The new colors don't appeal to me as much
^I just got mine today and it's amazing. Good luck with your sale
Hey All, would an L or XL Lupo be best for a 41" chest?
New Posts  All Forums: