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Don't care for the prints, but pants and outerwear look cool. I wish the new (tencel?) bomber in khaki didn't have contrast ribbing on the cuffs and hem.
Anyone know if the button shawls will be back this year? I seem to miss out on one every year.
Did we decide on a custom patch?
At that height I would say don't even try the stark. They make other cardigans that might suit your frame better.
What is your chest size? Having the same problem, may go for large though.
Yeah I want to love my fisherman but it's just the wonkiest fitting thing ever. So tight in the armpits, no matter how much I size up.
The fit jackets are for the original Junya fit, right? The slim fit will take longer?
SP must have received another shipment. Just got an invoice for my LAM cardigan preorder.
Are measurements for the non-slimfit version available? Everyone keeps saying it's the same as the Junya fit but I'm not familiar with that...
Stitches, for what it's worth I like it and think it suits you.
New Posts  All Forums: