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Anyone have tips for maintaining the crease in the heavier tweed pants? It seems to fall out very quickly due to the thickness of the fabric.
1. It's not so much that you can feel the squishiness when walking, it's more that if you push on the sole with your thumb it has some give to it, you know? 2. I say go for it! You can always get them removed. It might just be the influence of current trends, but I really like how the interface of shoes with cuffs looks.
1. I go by feel. If the sole feels really squishy that means it's almost through to the cork; at that time I consider it time for a resole.2. Cuffs are traditionally a casual "country" detail. I typically put them on flannels and tweeds, and sometimes on suits when I want to go full #menswear. I generallly wouldn't put them on a more formal suit, but it's sort of a personal preference these days I think.
Number one is WAY too tight. Number two is probably too tight.
This thread is getting weird...
I think wide is only done for Rain and Forest
Hmm okay thanks. Have you seen it in person or are you just speaking in general about SS knits?
Probably because CXL stretches a lot. What about in terms of length? I find the 5 last pretty long, is the Forest last of comparable length as well?
How does the Forest last compare to the AE 5 last?
Ugh, not sure how to size number 10. What do you guys think? Should I get a 6 for 6'2" 42 inch chest?
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