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Which size heirloom cardigan for 6'2" 180 lbs 41" chest?
^Pretty cool, Feji What size Richard jacket would work best for 6'2" 41 inch chest?
Is anywhere besides NMWA stocking the Bllue/Purple Richard?
Yes. That and ridiculous lowball offers.
Seeing the product pics on the UK site, I am even less impressed. Trousers look cheap.
It's against forum rules to post your own sale items within these threads.
Ochre lounge pants are awesome!
Yeah outerwear seems overpriced for sure.
What do you guys do with the laces on the lace cuff coat? Seems like they would get caught on things.
I'm guessing it's because the Japanese tend to buy more of these brands? The only solution is for us to become the larger market so they are forced to cater to our size. I will do my part.
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