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Not to be rude, but how have you been on this forum since 2004 and still say things like this? I'm guessing someone would wear such a thing for reasons such as: 1) they feel like it. 2) they think it looks goodMost things in fashion aren't strictly practical
I sized down from my typical Schneider shirt size.
Are the comfort craftsman too casual to be worn with trousers? It's hard to tell how bulky the last is from pics online
I haven't tried the painting but I sized down in both the atelier and master
I wear my augusto with jeans and other casual clothing, not trousers. I still wish it was vented, but this is entirely personal preference, of course. To me, the bedford is more obviously a piece of outerwear, which suits the ventless look a bit better.
I personally agree. It's nothing to do with functionality, I just think ventless jackets look a bit awkward, even in a casual context
Anyone have sizing advice for the master shirt? I think I recall someone in this thread saying it fit large, but the measurements online show 22" p2p for a size 6, which seems small.
Ah, I wasn't fast enough! Let me know if it doesn't fit
@BananaCake I can't give you any advice on that, but it actually appears that your husband's boots have plenty of life left in them. Seems a bit wasteful to replace them already
I would be super interested in a 5 pocket chino
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