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Thanks, much!Can anyone who has had the Thompson cardigan for a while comment on how much it stretches out (length and width)? Still trying to decide between L and XL
Anyone know if it's possible to hem the sleeves of a knit? I bought the Thompson shawl cardigan in L and XL. I prefer the fit of the XL in the body (couldn't get any overlap with the L) but the sleeves are at least 2 inches too long, even on my 6'2" frame. Possible to have them shortened? Otherwise I could keep the L and try to stretch it out a bit
I think they only do trunk shoes in LA, NYC, and Stockholm
So, at work? They just seem so cumbersome since they don't even have a handle. I would also feel like kind of a tool carrying that around the office, but I suppose that definitely depends on the culture at your place of work
Does anyone actually use a leather portfolio like this? Why? What do you even put in it? I am baffled by why so many brands make these
Is the below link the old model or the updated fit? Wondering if these measurements will be accurate for the MTOhttp://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-donegal-nailhead-wool-field-jacket.html
This color palette, though. Perfect.
I would not post where you bought them if you want them to continue shipping to the US
Yes, IV
Thanks for the info! I would be very interested in seeing some pics
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