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Mr. Porter has the measurements
It can depend quite a bit on how high or low on your head you like your hats to sit
@Chas Knight you say you have the beaver hat, did you find the sizing method accurate? Any stretch after some wear?
I picked up one of the wool shirts from NMWA, and it's awesome. The fabric is really great, in particular. Regarding sizing, the measurements are a bit deceptive. The chest measurement looks large, but the shirt actually contours down in the torso, it's really not boxy. My only complaint is the shoulders seem a bit narrow.
The hats look great. Is there a big difference, practically speaking, between the beaver and rabbit?
Are there advantages/disadvantages to beaver felt hats versus rabbit felt?
Guys, NickPollica is actually not your personal shopping assistant haha
^^The hats are really cool
What was the inspiration for this season's collection? I know he's doing the key thing, but usually his collections are inspired by a particular time and place in German history.
Is a Large in Leder equivalent to a 40? Asking specifically about the shirts
New Posts  All Forums: