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I was actually asking Accordion. I should have quoted him for the sake of clarity
How long do you rest in between sets?
Mr. Porter has it
Any sizing advice for the belted cardigan? I searched back in the thread and there was no solid conclusion. I've never tried on Eidos knitwear but I'm a 52 in most brands.
That is, like, a 2/10 on the coziness scale, bro. Please refer above for tips on being a true cozyboi
I think they only do mtm in person, but let us know what they say anyway.I really like the asymmetric jacket, maybe if I'm in NYC sometime I'll try to make it happen. Can't see myself making a special trip for it, though.
w2c this mug, though? edit: nvm. mug identified
Side zips seem a bit incongruous with Epaulet's other offerings
Quoting this because I want to know too
Haha they're kind of a tan/beige. Unless I'm colorblind too...
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