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The people who complain about people complaining about people who talk about cp sales really get my goat
Looking for Geller stuff in sizes 50-52 (depending on measurements) In particular: outerwear, interesting shirts/sweaters. Maybe other things too, hit me up! Not really interested in sweatshirts or other sportswear
I'm having the opposite problem. Got a 52 and it's very constricting in the shoulders and chest. I think it's in part due to how high the armholes are. Whatever, I'm keeping it. It's unlined so it will maybe stretch a little.
I kind of miss the old world influence that was prominent in his earlier collections. It seems things have drifted further from the more Cloak-like aesthetic each season, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in it's own right. Curious to see where things are going in the next couple of years.
What shirt is that, Stitches?
Has anyone ever met the man himself? He seems pretty-down-to-earth judging from the interviews I've read.
Also what's with all the spam threads being created today? Jesus, someone ban that IP.
^Also use code TULIP for an extra 10 percent off
Okay weird, thanks. I'm probably out of luck this year then since last year's 52 is pretty fitted on me.
Thanks for the tip. Wish they had the zip blazer in black.
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