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Which US retailers carry Loake? The only one I know is East Dane. Still sucks so much that you can't buy them from UK distributors any more
Those are not thick at all in my experience
How many dogs can u fit in ur hat
I wasn't even poking fun at you, it actually does save me the trouble haha. Do you guys think Totokaelo will pick up Geller again this season? It seemed like their stuff didn't sell well this past spring, almost everything made it to sale prices. Doesn't help that they seem to price everything higher than average, I'm sure
Truly appreciate @OccultaVexillum giving minute by minute updates on Geller drops. Doing all the hard work for us
I'll have a car, but specifically looking for stuff to do while in Reykjavik since I have a couple days of work meetings there before I can explore the rest of the countryDefinitely going to do that as well!
Anyone have suggestions for cool things to check out in Reykjavik? I'll be there for a couple of days in September
I've emailed them a few times and always get responses from TATJANA. She is great, always gives me her KIND GREETINGS.It usually takes a couple of days, though
Shawl shirt is interesting, though I hope they produce the other shirt in that pattern with the matte fabric, I preferred that one.
Agreed. I shrank a linen sweater by putting it in a hot cycle. It does stretch back out in width with wear but it remains significantly shorter
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