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Of course. But with 60+ people interested, I'm pretty confident there would be enough commitments
I'm pleasantly surprised by how much interest the Dana Lee Leisure Jacket poll received. Hope it happens!
I'd be interested in the leisure jacket as well, depending on color
Anyone wash their IM linen tunic? Any shrinkage? I might actually be fine with a little bit, the arms on mine are longer than I anticipated
Anyone have recommendations for a jumpsuit? I was going to try to find one from Geller, but I think I'd rather experiment with something a little cheaper before I truly commit like that
Not to be that guy, but any word on the Schneider SS17 preorders?
Shirt looks pretty small, my dude. However, I think your messed up nose really adds to this fit
That's a great price. I would be all over this if I didn't have similar coats already. The taupe especially looks really nice
"The comments were made on an obscure website devoted to men’s fashion,, which also hosts wide-ranging discussions among its members on a variety of political topics."I found this whole article weirdly hilarious
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