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Kent Wang sneakers on Mass Drop at a slight discount https://www.massdrop.com/buy/kent-wang-sneakers
Tried on the sateen bomber. Material feels weird and crinkley--I did not like it. I'd say it's worth maybe 50 dollars, not $198
Do it.
Such nips. wow
Looks pretty good, is that the large? How tall are you?
You should post a pic of the pants when you get a chance.
Hmm okay thanks for you input, man
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Postmans? I've heard both that they fit narrow and large so I don't know what to believe...
This is probably a stupid question, but any chance we'll see more of the pindot chambray fabric from a couple years ago? My chambray shrank way more than I expected when I first washed it so I eventually had to sell it. It was an awesome shirt though.
How long is it on you? The measurements seem awfullly short
New Posts  All Forums: