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Agreed. I shrank a linen sweater by putting it in a hot cycle. It does stretch back out in width with wear but it remains significantly shorter
Will you be stocking linen tunics again or is this our only chance to get one? I mean the solid colors as well, not necessarily with the wave effect
I really don't know how to do CM, so please excuse the tie knot, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Vanda and this awesome green/navy linen-silk. It was perfect for a summer wedding.
I completely agree. In particular, it's unfortunate that fitness studies are typically done on untrained individuals. I wonder how applicable those results are to someone who has been training for years.This is not meant in reference to any of the above studies, just all studies on fitness in general.
Doesn't the first study contradict this one? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24734902 "Bench Press strength gains can be maximised when repetitions are performed at maximal intended velocity"
18.5 is in the normal weight zone (albeit on the border). You pulled 20-25 out of nowhere.What do his height and weight have to do with the validity of his BMI in this case? 5'4" is quite short. It's stupid to make a statement like that without seeing his physique. He probably just doesn't have a ton of muscle, and there's nothing unhealthy about that.Except for, you know, that it totally is according to official BMI standards. Interesting that you start by saying BMI is a...
What? Your original comment was dumb and this one actually supports what he was saying.
Soooo you basically just picked a normal sounding name that isn't yours
Is there a Margaret Howell thread?
@gustavobradley I don't know specifically about yours, but I've noticed the Wyatts often look large in peoples' fits. However, this usually seems to be due to the super tight pants people wear when they're trying to get the SLP look. The Wyatts look fine and totally proportional when not worn with painted on jeans.
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