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Hi all, which is likely to feel wider on foot, a 10 F or a 9.5 G?
Not trying to be mean, but the model in image #3 genuinely startled me
Does anyone else have the signal trousers? I find them difficult to wear because the waist is so huge (my size 5 has like a 37+ inch waist) and the drawstring just causes them to bunch up awkwardly. Any thoughts?
East Dane has 52s, but they aren't on sale at the moment. I've seen them discounted before, so maybe keep an eye on them
I meant more for bodybuilding purposes, when reporting your measurements for vanity or to indicate progress. I assume it really only matters that you're consistent in your own measuring technique, I was just curious
What's the correct way to get your chest measurement? Flexed/unflexed? If I take in a deep breath of air and hold it while flexing my measurement increases by like 2+ inches so I'm just curious what the standard method is.
Nice! What's your height/weight if you don't mind me asking?
I wish Geller would make the armholes on some of his stuff larger, particularly the outerwear.
Has anyone sized down one on the Pierre? I'm not sure I want it to be too loose, and from the measurements it looks like even one size down won't be fitted at all.
Supposed to, but it's not illegal to pass on the right under most circumstances. In most states you don't have to keep right except to pass, slower moving vehicles are just restricted to the right lane.
New Posts  All Forums: