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I like the long sleeve black linen tee but $325? Ouch
^I actually have to do that too and I'm 6'2" (wear a large) How do the slim tapered jeans compare to the regular slim? Are they the same fit in the thighs?
Yeah I got one of the long seconds tanks and it's pretty tight
How do you guys layer the longer tanks? Have a grey/khaki one but struggle to find a layer that works on top of it.
I didn't even think of that, that's a really good idea. I'll look into the timeframe, thanks.
Hey guys, I need suggestions. I'm going on vacation soon and i'll be doing a lot of walking. I want a simple shoe, preferably in navy. Any suggestions? I like the roshe runs flyknits but can't find either in navy.
Which Nikes are those, Snowman?
Can you lower volume instead?
Haven't been following this thread long. You compete? Powerlifting?
To be fair, you aren't going to be at a "competitive" level lifting twice a week either.
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