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Nope, steel mist was offered last year as well.
Ah yes. I mean a crew neck with a similar texture/pattern
Is there a sweater that's like the fisherman but without a dropped shoulder?
FYI the peacoat link actually goes to the Hair Thread as well
Nice contrast between comically dour face and vibrant shirt.
Hey Mike, are you planning any more tweed trouser drops or should I jump on the MTO train?
No, not a very good deal I would say.
From last year, worn maybe 4-5 times max (did too many deadlifts). No visible wear and tear. Hemmed to 33" inseam with 1.5:" cuffs. Inseam can be let down or taken up as needed.
The emerald sportcoat looks great! Mike, anymore tweed pants in the works this year?
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