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Definitely appreciate Fuuma critiques. There's not enough real feedback in this thread these days
Anyone have a Hanseatic League shirt? How is the fit? I thought someone said that they fit very small
Or maybe that's because thieves know they can steal better stuff in areas where people have money?
No, it's cotton
Agreed! I'm supremely jealous of anyone who lives close enough to go to one of their trunk shows. They really have been consistently improving their offerings
Having a "minimal" or "capsule" wardrobe has become super trendy recently. Personally, when I read stories like this about someone having an epiphany and paring down their wardrobe, I have a hard time seeing it as anything more than them continuing to follow what is "fashionable." Nothing wrong with that of course, but it always seems to be framed as a move toward finding their "true self" when it really is a bit conformist.Not trying to call out Sean specifically since I...
Is there even such a size as XXL? I thought a VII was considered an XL
If we were talking strictly about business dress I would be inclined to agree. I was speaking to @bry2000's more general statement that he doesn't understand why a white t-shirt would ever be worn under an open collar shirt, which is just a silly thing to say in a SWD thread
Not to be rude, but how have you been on this forum since 2004 and still say things like this? I'm guessing someone would wear such a thing for reasons such as: 1) they feel like it. 2) they think it looks goodMost things in fashion aren't strictly practical
I sized down from my typical Schneider shirt size.
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