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Guys, NickPollica is actually not your personal shopping assistant haha
^^The hats are really cool
What was the inspiration for this season's collection? I know he's doing the key thing, but usually his collections are inspired by a particular time and place in German history.
Is a Large in Leder equivalent to a 40? Asking specifically about the shirts
Love how this Leder scarf is subtly the colors of the German flag
Quite a shame about the leaf print shirt. It seems like nobody picked up the tan/red color at all since M&S got the blue/red.
I have a lot of trouble fitting into loafers due to a wide forefoot. Anyone know of any options? I can usually wear AE Park Aves in 10.5EE
Same. I love that they picked that up, it's awesome
If anyone is looking to sell a pair of crosshair loafers in brown or dusty brown size 44 hmu
Oh yeah, same. I'll be a little bit devastated if I'm not able to pick that one up.
New Posts  All Forums: