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Is he measuring your wiener?
The black jeans seem to have way less stretch than the grey ones. Anyone else experience this?
What are the shoes, afixedpoint? Great fit on that ma-1
I find I can only size down .5 from US to UK in the 026 last.
Which C&J last is best for a wide foot? Is there one, or am I stuck with MTO?
Why is cigar shell so much more expensive than #8? Is it simply a supply/demand issue?
Can I get some sizing advice? I'm hoping to pick up some LWB in shell, but I'm not sure of my size on the Barrie last. I think I'm around a 10.5E on the brannock. I wear a 10.5EE in AE 5 last (though my instep is a little high for the balmorals). I sometimes wear an 11D in other shoes. Should I go for 10.5D? 10E? Thanks
Can anyone advise how Redwing Postmans fit in terms of width?
I wish Loake made the Capital last in G width as well. The 026 G is too short and .5 sizes up yields too much volume in the instep.
How do Redwing Postmans fit in terms of width?
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