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Anyone know if the Oliver Coat from last year was produced in size 52?
So as a 50/52 there's probably not much point in looking on rakuten for Geller stuff, right?
No comment on sizing but definitely don't put that in the wash, man
I'm on board for capes
Norwegian Rain Rive Gauche belted raincoat, GRP ecru rollneck sweater, Frank Leder flannel trousers, Heschung split toe boot
Regarding the derby shoes, if I wear a 10.5EE in Park Aves, should I size up to an 11?
How do the players trousers fit in the thigh? A size 4 seems to equate to about a 32 but that seems small.
Has anyone posted fit pics of the Schneider players trousers? I tried searching the thread but didn't see any.
Is there a recent list of stockists someone could link me to? I couldn't find it with the search feature
Is all the footwear on the same last? Just curious because the size guide says to choose an extra wide last if you have a wide foot...
New Posts  All Forums: