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Short and wide, very boxy. It's probably not for everyone
You mean there are people who don't change into sweatpants immediately upon getting home? Weird
Are the arms still extremely slim? I tried one on a few years ago and I could barely bend my arms
Any plans to restock the La Portegna espadrilles? Missed my size last year
Yeah his tone is very off-putting. He's also a pretty terrible writer, parts of this article were almost unreadable
For some reason I always thought a Schneider VI = 52
I've been in many GMTOs, I know how things work. All things considered I think 60 is a good number, especially considering the goal was "at least 20"
Of course. But with 60+ people interested, I'm pretty confident there would be enough commitments
I'm pleasantly surprised by how much interest the Dana Lee Leisure Jacket poll received. Hope it happens!
I'd be interested in the leisure jacket as well, depending on color
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