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Yeah I've thought that for a while. Chukkas just don't look right in smooth leather. Not sure why I think that since I like chelsea boots in non-textured materials. You might be onto something with point #2
I wish I could have that sweater. Inis Mean runs so short though, ugh
Any of my taller brethren get a Valstarino? I'm 6'2" and concerned it will be crazy short on me...
Maybe a shade of green? Or navy. Even a lighter grey tweed would look great with that combo.
Would you guys say tweed trousers are too casual for a sportcoat? I usually go with a chunky sweater.
Nope, steel mist was offered last year as well.
Ah yes. I mean a crew neck with a similar texture/pattern
Is there a sweater that's like the fisherman but without a dropped shoulder?
FYI the peacoat link actually goes to the Hair Thread as well
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