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Not to be that guy, but any word on the Schneider SS17 preorders?
Shirt looks pretty small, my dude. However, I think your messed up nose really adds to this fit
That's a great price. I would be all over this if I didn't have similar coats already. The taupe especially looks really nice
"The comments were made on an obscure website devoted to men’s fashion,, which also hosts wide-ranging discussions among its members on a variety of political topics."I found this whole article weirdly hilarious
I'm so excited to see how the IM wave linen tunics turned out
I disagree. Wear what you like and makes you feel cool on your wedding.
I super regret not pre-ordering this shirt when I had the chance, I'm an idiot
I always like the knitwear Stoffa uses in their promotional shots. Anyone know who makes this rollneck?
I just cut up a paper bag (like a grocery bag) and wrap the shoebox up like a present, making sure to tape up the seems really well. Seems to work
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