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You could probably put them in a bag of rice. But that would ruin a good bag of rice :P
Yo that's amazing. Wish my mom copped Jordans. The specialness of this is not the fact that its just a Nike on an older lady, these are impossible to find, as other guys have mentioned. This woman must've looked for these or someone was very kind to their elders.
If you go to a nicer store, like Ralph Lauren or some place with lots of staff they'll have good recommendations for you. Neiman Marcus and Barney's might give you some help as well. They wanna sell you stuff so they definitely want to find out what you'd fit in.
Hi first time poster here. I just wanted to say the Ralph Lauren store on 750 N Michigan Ave Chicago IL also stocks RRL denim. I wasn't sure if the list is still being updated. Btw, the denim looks great. I like how they use reclaimed denim (at least thats what the sales associate said). Very cool denim.
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