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...ok thanks...
Hey folks, I'm going to be starting soon as a music teacher in an elementary school. Hopefully at least some of you will that this is an appropriate forum for wearing a novelty tie. I'm looking for something that will get the kids' attention and have a music theme, i.e. music notes, piano keys, instruments. This kind of thing is easily found on the internet. But I'm wondering if any Styleforumites would have an idea as to where to get a music novelty tie that is well...
Hey folks, I found this on Reddit and it seems to be legit: It's an UrbanDaddy promotion with a code that drops the price by $20. Basically, you can get two Italian made grenadines for $80... I'm going to jump on this. I am not affiliated with this link at ALL, I'm just trying to share the love. Upated information: If you are trying to buy the out of stock Navy...
Who is buying this stuff?!?! I ordered this linen jacket in light brown for hot weather (Miami). I like it but my quandary is it looks very similar to my khaki pants that I thought they would go with but they match too closely. What would work here pantswise -- gray? Olive? Dark brown? Thank you kindly
If you want to do a phone order w/ free shipping, you can call a SA at a store and have that person place the order, then voila free shipping
I once had a suit order advance every week by a week, for about six months, but i did finally get my suit.
yeah, I think i've done that with shirts (it was unpremeditated). it's slightly bad karma though try to convince yourself you really want to consider both of them, it's better that way.
Forefoot walking is something you don't see much discussion of on the interwebs or anywhere else. Personally, I do it when barefoot (actually barefoot = no shoes) but in sandals/sneakers/shoes I heel strike.
one more vote for BB. I am fairly unadventurous, my professional wardrobe is pretty much all BB acquired during semi-annual sales. the next one should be in mid-June.
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