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Better deal, IMHO, is going on right now at Bloomingdale's: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalo...tegoryID=19235 I just picked up a couple of sweaters off the site. Supima, in a bunch of colors. Some of the colors that were available in the morning are now gone.
Dude does not have a good rep on SF. See the comments on this thread dealing with a previous Groupon deal. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=217147
Received another pair last week; great quality as always. I had the same problem with the laces as one poster had above--pair that came with the shoes broke as soon as I tried to tie them--but I was going to replace the laces anyway. Some incredible deals still available.
I did some research earlier this spring on the subject. STP (Sierra Trading Post) has a good deal for Haspel seersucker for $130, if you used the 30% off coupon code that's on the front page. The Haspel suit is very boxy, however, and I had to have significant alterations on the jacket. If you're going to spend more than $175-$200, then I would go with Bonobos. The quality strikes me as nicer. Note there's a $50 off coupon for first-time purchasers....
I am heading to Rehobeth for Memorial Day weekend. I haven't been to an outlet in years (pre-SF days), and I was wondering which, if any, people would recommend. Do any of these outlets carry any mainline items, or is it all made-for-outlets clothing (e.g. BB 346)?
Why not a mid-grey morning coat? By September, there's a good chance linen will be too cold.
While SF mandates that black suits are only acceptable for funerals and formal wear, and I believe we overlooked an important third occasion: sentencing in a federal insider trader case. From the NYT: "Mr. Rajaratnam, dressed in a black suit, had no expression as the verdict was read in the overflowing courtroom." No wonder he was found guilty on all counts.
I see plenty of light grey in court during the summer. May look odd in colder months, but I'm not as far south as you.
Whoever got those JL monks is a lucky, lucky man. Beautiful shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by SVS I'm spending the summer just outside of Baton Rouge and New Orleans and need some southern clothing. Are seersucker suits and white bucs really common? What do I need? Is this for work? If you're in a profession where a suit is expected work attire (e.g. lawyer), then cotton and linen are your friends. White bucks are not necessary; light brown works fine (in fact, I can't recall seeing someone at work sport...
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