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The hinted to it on their website that morning. FWIW, they had the exact same sale the next day. My guess is they'll have another 40% mark soon enough; they had a 50% deal a couple of times in the winter last year.
Bought one today.I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I emailed LC about the canvassing issue. After being bounced around a couple of times, I received an email from the LC customer care saying that the ones I had been looking at (the Two-Button Wool Suit, Navy, LCF12_N1MVD and the Two-Button Pleated Wool Suit, Gray LCF12_N1EVP) were both full canvassed.At the same time, these aren't mainline--they're Hickey Freeman for Nieman Marcus. NM tells HF what specs they...
I wrote the Sales Associates a couple of weeks ago and here was the reply (below). I asked them specifically if there was any significance between the grey and white sleeve tags (I used the two suit models below as examples). Supposedly both are full-canvassed. Was going to buy one but held off after getting a BB 1818 on sale for $199. Still, interested to hear from anyone else's experience. Thank you for shopping with LastCall.com. We have the information that...
Sure they do.http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=306&Product_Id=1486989&Parent_Id=305&default_color=BLUE&sort_by=highestPrice§ioncolor=§ionsize=Looks like they might have phased out the luxury line non-irons (just as they phased in non-iron extra-slims this year). I don't seem them on the website. But I know they still have them at 346 Madison and the Wisconsin Ave. one in DC.And they are much softer, despite...
Just tried the code, and it says that it expired. I tried it this morning, and it worked. Not sure what's going on.
I'll defend the non-iron. I essentially eliminated all but my non-irons a few years ago when I was in law school. At the time, I didn't want to have to pay $2.00 every day for a shirt, and I didn't want to iron my own shirts. Now that I'm out of school, I still wear them, essentially because going to the drycleaners weekly is a hassle. I don't have the same problem about feel that others do--some people are sensitive to formaldehyde, so that's a different issue...
Re. South Carolina. Best men's tailor I found was Kostas Poulos's shop in downtown Greenville.
I think the break looks more dramatic due to the angle of the photo. Sleeve is a bit long, but not by too much. Overall, it looks fantastic (particularly for the price), and you should be very pleased. I intend to buy one or more of the same model this fall.
Has anyone purchased NM private label ties lately? They're on sale at LC for $12 today, shipping included. I'm looking at the staple colors, like this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will It can be either. A three piece tan Crispaire suit for example is wearable spring, summer and fall. But that's got to be the rare case, right? Most consumers have to be more concerned about being too hot rather than too cold. You can throw an overcoat on a lighter suit, but there's no equivalent countermeasure in the summer. Three-season signals to me "the wool is too heavy for weather above 85 degrees."
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