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Re. South Carolina. Best men's tailor I found was Kostas Poulos's shop in downtown Greenville.
I think the break looks more dramatic due to the angle of the photo. Sleeve is a bit long, but not by too much. Overall, it looks fantastic (particularly for the price), and you should be very pleased. I intend to buy one or more of the same model this fall.
Has anyone purchased NM private label ties lately? They're on sale at LC for $12 today, shipping included. I'm looking at the staple colors, like this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will It can be either. A three piece tan Crispaire suit for example is wearable spring, summer and fall. But that's got to be the rare case, right? Most consumers have to be more concerned about being too hot rather than too cold. You can throw an overcoat on a lighter suit, but there's no equivalent countermeasure in the summer. Three-season signals to me "the wool is too heavy for weather above 85 degrees."
Relatively good selection of $35 shirts, compared to normal. However, non-irons start at $44 and staple colors are still mostly $69.
Putting the DC question aside for a second (and as one of the city's four native sons I assure you that J. Crew polos, while common, are optional), let my advice be about buying stuff before you get to college. When I was a freshman, I had an impressive collection of Timberland boots, Nautica jeans, and white T's (it was typical clothing for DC at the time). By sophomore year, I had moved to polos and khakis. Point being: you're at a point in your life where your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Booter How is the sizing and how is the neck opening in your opinion? Do you find these on the loose end or the fitted end of the spectrum? Definitely more fitted than 346 tends to be, but not as snug as the Varvatos sweaters I own. I'd analogize to J. Crew/Banana Republic, although I haven't bought anything from those stores in a while.
Better deal, IMHO, is going on right now at Bloomingdale's: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalo...tegoryID=19235 I just picked up a couple of sweaters off the site. Supima, in a bunch of colors. Some of the colors that were available in the morning are now gone.
Dude does not have a good rep on SF. See the comments on this thread dealing with a previous Groupon deal. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=217147
Received another pair last week; great quality as always. I had the same problem with the laces as one poster had above--pair that came with the shoes broke as soon as I tried to tie them--but I was going to replace the laces anyway. Some incredible deals still available.
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