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Best workshirts I've ever had.FWIW, there are a couple of clearance ESF luxury, such as this and this. Comes out to about $60 a pop.
I see interns with ties and no jackets all the time. I identify them by the fact they come to work with ties and no jackets.
I think I grabbed mine for around $80. Was a couple years back, however.
The best possible deal I've seen is getting a clearance suit plus the FF discount. That comes out to about 60% off. But that's never for solid staples.Best for staples is 30% off on the corporate discount (which stacks with the multiple discount). That just passed.
I've never seen the luxury ESF on sale, but I've got a few of the slims (which are significantly slimmer than the supima slims). The fabric is exceptionally nice (Egyptian cotton), though not as resilient (probably get about 24 months' wear out of them).
There are a lot of options at pricepoint, and I would say if you're not employed yet, you shell out big bucks. You will not jeopardize your employment chances by limiting yourself to a suit that fits your budget.BB suiting is a fine entry-level staple, and the savings on alterations will make it equivalent to JAB or others you've mentioned. I still have one I wear for rainy days and flying.I think you can find Suit Supply for a bit cheaper, but that's what it'll come to...
Pretty standard. Certainly not one-of-a-kind.
Same here. I actually placed the order on Thursday morning and got the delivery Saturday. But I only ordered shirts.Last year, on the other hand, I ordered a Fitz suit during the F&F sale that took about 2 weeks to deliver. Since it was the only one left, I always wondered if they ended up having to find one at a store and have it shipped to me.
The other thing I've noticed over the years is that they've been using increasingly younger models, even for suiting. About five years ago, there was a significantly plurality of over-40 models for their suiting. Even if you assume I'm the target audience (late 20s, professional), this doesn't make sense. I buy BB to look like the silverback in the meeting room, not the scion making his annual trip to the boardroom in between yacht tours.
It depends on your profession. I split time in two different law offices with very different styles. In one, I can get away with an entire week without a white shirt. In the other, I wear white shirts daily. I would never go to court in anything but white.White is considered much more formal than blue and other shirts. I was once told by a senior partner that when he was an associate (1970s), only senior partners were permitted to wear anything but white.In total, I...
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