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The other thing I've noticed over the years is that they've been using increasingly younger models, even for suiting. About five years ago, there was a significantly plurality of over-40 models for their suiting. Even if you assume I'm the target audience (late 20s, professional), this doesn't make sense. I buy BB to look like the silverback in the meeting room, not the scion making his annual trip to the boardroom in between yacht tours.
It depends on your profession. I split time in two different law offices with very different styles. In one, I can get away with an entire week without a white shirt. In the other, I wear white shirts daily. I would never go to court in anything but white.White is considered much more formal than blue and other shirts. I was once told by a senior partner that when he was an associate (1970s), only senior partners were permitted to wear anything but white.In total, I...
The Connecticut Avenue store (south of Dupont) should have Milano. I typically call over there and tell them what I'm looking for; if they don't have it, they'll order it and get it there within the week.
Depends on what your looking for professionally. If you're a thin 165 (no muscle mass), you could definitely wear Milano, but if you're looking for the DC lawyer-type, Fitz.
I couldn't get my corporate account to link to my online account, so I just called customer service. Told them what's up, and they can subtract the 30% from the order (using the confirmation number from the order).
I bought three non-iron ESF shirts today. My corporate discount didn't show up, so I called customer service. They just had me submit the order (3 for $225), then adjusted the price using my order number and corporate account number. Took 3 minutes more than a normal order. Very nice start to the day.
Just got this ad: 50% off pocket squares, scarves, & ties (except grenadines). Use code HALFSIES. http://theknottery.com/ Expires Friday, March 15, 2013, at noon. I have a couple. All are 2.5" or 3" ties. Not high-end, but very good deal for entry-level and everyday ties. There are a few seven-folds available for $20 with the deal. They've also restocked their grenadines (made in the USA).
Those photos of the first pair of BB aren't Strands--they're Sanfords (blucher).
Got mine very quickly. Wonderful shoe. No noticeable flaws. Recommend seller.
Just had the SA put two 1818 suits (solid grey Fitz and solid blue Fitz) to the side for tomorrow. Does anyone remember the complimentary tailoring that comes with 1818's?
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