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Along the same lines, here's my recent experience. I sent back a pair of PA's back to AE to be recrafted. Of course, because I'm a moron, I sent two shoes from different pairs to AE, one of which was probably 5 years old and one of which was closer to 10 years old (and a pair I bought in college, so essentially unmaintained for a large portion of that decade). Upon receipt, an AE recrafting rep called me and explained in that pleasant Wisconsin brogue what I had done. ...
Some noob from S&W called JAB to tell them about the price. That may explain the issue.
Thanks, all. I would post photos, but they're still on their way back from Wisconsin. AE said their concern was about the leather integrity in the footbeds, suggesting that they were worried the bottoms would disintegrate if they removed the sole (or shortly thereafter). They were the ones who suggested that I might want to consider a local option, which was the only reason I inquired here. If Nordstrom's puts their PA's on sale next week for the summer sale, maybe...
I sent a pair of Park Avenues to Allen Edmonds for recrafting. Unfortunately, I received a call today from the (very nice, as always) representative saying that AE could not recraft the shoes do to wear and age. The uppers are fine, so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck taking AE-rejected shoes to a local repair shop. I'm in DC but am also up in NYC 3-4 times a month.
Just sent a pair back for a recraft yesterday; anyone know the turnaround time right now?
Those 10D Montecito's are a great price at $125.
Overall, I think the fit is good. Certainly the right starting color, and Benjamin is a good entry-level. Like MIC, I'm a little concerned about the shoulders, but I think that may be more of a factor of where your arms are in the photos. Benjamin is generally for a slighter build than you, but if it doesn't feel pinched in the shoulders and underarms I wouldn't worry. On the other hand, if the trousers are tight already, sizing up might not be a horrible...
Well, then they are. Good to know. They must have have changed them, then. I'm looking at my suit, and it has no such label.Absolutely possible. The Benjamin Sartorial line does this for $500 a pop, and it doesn't have close to the economy of scale BB does.
This just isn't true, unless they've changed the construction in the last 18 months. I'm wearing one right now that I bought in late 2011. I'm actually very fond of it, but let's not call it what it's not.
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