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Theory: You're supposed to enter it into your actual BB online acount, and it is supposed to automatically give your the deduction at checkout. Reality: It never works, and I've had to call BB customer service every time I've bought something. I recommend buying the item online, then calling customer service. Takes them less than 5 minutes to discount the price.
Damn. I just bought a pair of Grenson Chelseas, but these just put mine to shame.
I seem to remember that at least one sale (FF maybe?) applies to clearance items as well. Can anyone remind me if that's true? It might have also just been one of the promotional cards I received in the mail.
I have the Firm and a few of the Subpoena ties. Great workhorse ties. The Firm is a particularly good deal; very good heft for a $10 tie. The Subpoena ties are thinner but still useful.
Wholecuts are considered more stylish, particularly because they usually come on a thinner last that them gives more of a European feel.Let me make clear that I love wholecuts and plan to buy a pair in the near future. You have enough shoes that you'll be able to rotate your shoes without a problem (I had a buddy who got through three years at Cravath on two pairs of captoes). But my point is to recognize that they are a "sometimes" shoe in law.
AE just brought back a wholecut (Hanover) on a 333 last.http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF2962_1_40000000001_-1As for general suggestions about a "Manhattan law firm," I'm guessing from your wardrobe and the timing of your email that you're going to be an incoming first year this fall. It won't really matter what you wear, but I would never wear wholecuts to a client meeting. I certainly don't wear them to court. That's what PAs and FAs are for.If your...
The leather in the insole had aged enough that it would crack were they to remove the insole. They offer 20% off a new pair.
Along the same lines, here's my recent experience. I sent back a pair of PA's back to AE to be recrafted. Of course, because I'm a moron, I sent two shoes from different pairs to AE, one of which was probably 5 years old and one of which was closer to 10 years old (and a pair I bought in college, so essentially unmaintained for a large portion of that decade). Upon receipt, an AE recrafting rep called me and explained in that pleasant Wisconsin brogue what I had done. ...
Some noob from S&W called JAB to tell them about the price. That may explain the issue.
Thanks, all. I would post photos, but they're still on their way back from Wisconsin. AE said their concern was about the leather integrity in the footbeds, suggesting that they were worried the bottoms would disintegrate if they removed the sole (or shortly thereafter). They were the ones who suggested that I might want to consider a local option, which was the only reason I inquired here. If Nordstrom's puts their PA's on sale next week for the summer sale, maybe...
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