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Overall, I think the fit is good. Certainly the right starting color, and Benjamin is a good entry-level. Like MIC, I'm a little concerned about the shoulders, but I think that may be more of a factor of where your arms are in the photos. Benjamin is generally for a slighter build than you, but if it doesn't feel pinched in the shoulders and underarms I wouldn't worry. On the other hand, if the trousers are tight already, sizing up might not be a horrible...
Well, then they are. Good to know. They must have have changed them, then. I'm looking at my suit, and it has no such label.Absolutely possible. The Benjamin Sartorial line does this for $500 a pop, and it doesn't have close to the economy of scale BB does.
This just isn't true, unless they've changed the construction in the last 18 months. I'm wearing one right now that I bought in late 2011. I'm actually very fond of it, but let's not call it what it's not.
Best workshirts I've ever had.FWIW, there are a couple of clearance ESF luxury, such as this and this. Comes out to about $60 a pop.
I see interns with ties and no jackets all the time. I identify them by the fact they come to work with ties and no jackets.
I think I grabbed mine for around $80. Was a couple years back, however.
The best possible deal I've seen is getting a clearance suit plus the FF discount. That comes out to about 60% off. But that's never for solid staples.Best for staples is 30% off on the corporate discount (which stacks with the multiple discount). That just passed.
I've never seen the luxury ESF on sale, but I've got a few of the slims (which are significantly slimmer than the supima slims). The fabric is exceptionally nice (Egyptian cotton), though not as resilient (probably get about 24 months' wear out of them).
There are a lot of options at pricepoint, and I would say if you're not employed yet, you shell out big bucks. You will not jeopardize your employment chances by limiting yourself to a suit that fits your budget.BB suiting is a fine entry-level staple, and the savings on alterations will make it equivalent to JAB or others you've mentioned. I still have one I wear for rainy days and flying.I think you can find Suit Supply for a bit cheaper, but that's what it'll come to...
New Posts  All Forums: