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The issue many will note here is that you've focused on two blucher (also known as derby) models. See how the eyelets are on a flap? That is considered more informal. Balmoral models (Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Strand, etc.) are more formal and are traditionally worn with suits.That said, I wear black Clifton periodically with my suits (I wear a suit daily). It's not my favorite look, but it's totally pass-able. So I would go with black Cliftons and brown Delrays.
If someone has a recent inventory list for 10Ds, would you mind PM'ing me with the list? I haven't heard back from AE yet, and I'm sure they're swamped.
I do this routinely (particularly for the corporate sale since it's always on a Thursday), and actually leave my credit card information so that they can ring it up. SA's understand, and they want the sale.
RueLaLa has staple colors 1818 Fitzgerald suits on sale for $449. Have at least a couple 40R left.
I'm wondering if someone can speak to the cuts of the different series. What I really need is a Brooks Brother -- to -- Hickey Freeman cut translator. I wear exclusively BB at the moment but am tempted to swap horses at this point. I wear Brooks Brothers' Fitzgerald cut primarily, and occassionally Regent. In other words, I prefer a relatively slim cut (on the US metric of suits). Would I be OK going with a B-Series?
To the gentleman who grabbed the 10D Brooks PAs and the 10D brown Neumoras this morning. You are a lucky man--treat them with the respect they deserve.
Those Hamptons are pretty casual, particularly with the pebble grain. I've been considering them myself, but I think that as a first shoe you may want something more formal. You won't want to wear those to a job interview.
That's correct. The two 1818 suits come out to $1200 when the 30% off corporate sale is stacked on the 2 for $1699 price. Honestly, this current sale isn't great. It's just 15% off, which you can get with a corporate card on any other day.
Can someone confirm the 2 for $250 on closeouts next week?
New Posts  All Forums: