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Josh Leyman did it in West Wing. Of course, I think it was one of Aaron Sorkin's devices intended to make the non-Rob Lowe characters appear more disheveled.
Quote: Originally Posted by horowitz My interview is next Monday. Wait, is your interview in 5 DAYS? If this is correct, you need to completely change course. A nice suit needs to be tailored--sleeves shortened, jacket taken in, pants cuffed, etc. Unless you already have a tailor where you can jump to the front of the line, the wait time is generally weeks, especially in Manhattan (the free alterations at 346 Madison, IIRC, took three...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhva3 I'm looking to get a tux. Does anyone know if they ever mark the formalwear down 40%? They have had a variety of evening wear marked down on the website during the last year, but it's been sporadic. IIRC, a Madison 1818 tuxedo was being sold for around $400 for a while.
Taking into account the OP's specific concern, I think you should wait. There is a significant probability that a better deal on a suit can be had in June. As to selection in June, that really should be a concern of yours if all you're looking at is OCI. Essentially any suit from BB will qualify in the interview-appropriate category. Search the archives here--every summer just before interview season there are 2-3 long threads dealing with law-specific sartorial...
Neiman Marcus Last Call has a 35% off any-non sale item online today through May 5. You can also get free shipping with the code LCMAYFS. Pretty picked over selection, but I used the code to buy two house label belts. For those in the suit market, a couple of Hickey Freeman suits (including this gray staple) are available for under $400, shipping included. No 40R's, unfortunately.
Quote: Originally Posted by kuslamb First, is this too dressed down for a black tie event (tux, long tie, braces, no cummerbund/vest) or is it okay? What about this look with the bow tie (tux, bow tie, braces, no cummerbund/vest). You are not going to find a lot of love for anything but a bowtie here on SF. I would certainly find it weird at almost all events and borderline incorrect at others (evening wedding, for instance). I'm going...
Flyer came to the office today. Charles Tyrwhitt Sale -- Most shirts $39, including the non-iron slim fits in solid staple colors (these have been not as cheap during the past sales). Good for any of the young guns here looking to develop a beginner's wardrobe. Go to ctshirts.com/natlj or call 1-800-797-2701 and quote NATLJ. Tried to combine it with some of the offer codes available (e.g. $10 off order), but it did not work.
Always a fun game to play: Troll or Real? I vote troll.
J&M = Johnston & Murphy TAT = Thick as Thieves H&M = Her Majesty's Royal Tailor
Quote: Originally Posted by NYCballer I was thinking of wearing it with a light blue shirt and no tie to the reception but now I am reconsidering just wearing a tie. Having done these before, the general rule I followed was to treat the reception the same as the interview, clothing-wise. Traditionally for entry-level professionals, that means a white shirt. And given that you're already wearing a black suit, I'd highly recommend going with...
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