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Always a fun game to play: Troll or Real? I vote troll.
J&M = Johnston & Murphy TAT = Thick as Thieves H&M = Her Majesty's Royal Tailor
Quote: Originally Posted by NYCballer I was thinking of wearing it with a light blue shirt and no tie to the reception but now I am reconsidering just wearing a tie. Having done these before, the general rule I followed was to treat the reception the same as the interview, clothing-wise. Traditionally for entry-level professionals, that means a white shirt. And given that you're already wearing a black suit, I'd highly recommend going with...
These remind of the final scene in "Seven."
If you're comfortable with the Buying & Selling forum, you can grab something great there. Refurbished Allen Edmonds are constantly on sale there for under $100. My under $100 shoe used to be Johnston & Murphy. I still use them for poor weather days.
In addition to store-wide sales, formal wear goes on sale with some regularity. Fitzgerald tuxedos were 400 USD last fall, if memory serves.
Quote: Originally Posted by ESPNHD I bought Hugo boss as a "newbie" not knowing anything except American brands (BB) are made for fat people. I come to this forum and you folks suggest to me none other than BB! Kid, you have a 40 shoulders and a 34 waist. You ain't an ol' string bean. I'm willing to bet that many, many of the Forum members here (including me) are fitter and slimmer than you but still wear BB. So let's just establish you...
I finally went through my closet and noted some details about the BB makes: 1818 Suits: I have one three-piece brown Madison that is Loro Piana fabric and made by Lardini in Italy. My two blue 1818 Regents are also Italian-made; one is Estrato cloth and made by Trabaldo Togna, and the other is Lardini with Loro Piana. The Madison is fully lined and the Regents are half. Suiting Essentials: I also have a blue suiting essentials made in Thailand. The cloth is that...
Huge fan of the three-piece but would never wear it to work without a tie. I feel too much like an extra from the Godfather (parts I or II).
Quote: Originally Posted by Makoto Chan Absolutely the Lloyd's. This is an easy one for SF to answer. +1. First shoe should be lace-up. I say this as I'm wearing AE loafers with a suit. But that's because I'm a rebel without a cause.
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