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Why not a mid-grey morning coat? By September, there's a good chance linen will be too cold.
While SF mandates that black suits are only acceptable for funerals and formal wear, and I believe we overlooked an important third occasion: sentencing in a federal insider trader case. From the NYT: "Mr. Rajaratnam, dressed in a black suit, had no expression as the verdict was read in the overflowing courtroom." No wonder he was found guilty on all counts.
I see plenty of light grey in court during the summer. May look odd in colder months, but I'm not as far south as you.
Whoever got those JL monks is a lucky, lucky man. Beautiful shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by SVS I'm spending the summer just outside of Baton Rouge and New Orleans and need some southern clothing. Are seersucker suits and white bucs really common? What do I need? Is this for work? If you're in a profession where a suit is expected work attire (e.g. lawyer), then cotton and linen are your friends. White bucks are not necessary; light brown works fine (in fact, I can't recall seeing someone at work sport...
Why did BB elect to use a model that looks younger than the interns at my office? I love 1818s but this turns me off. Maybe they're trying to subtly convince I'm at the age where I need to upgrade to GF.
Quote: Originally Posted by vezatron 05FRIEND is the code. They just posted a few Egyptian cotton slim-fits in solid colors (blue and pink). Excellent deal at $67 less 25%. In my experience, the "luxury line" slims are slimmer than the basic line slims.
The Brooks Brothers 346 (outlet) line is an okay bargain but not great. Since this weekend is F&F 25% off, the better value for the exact same price is the Brooks Brothers Suiting Essential line (available online). They do not have the typical multiple-buy deal for BB 1818 suits right now (2 for $1500). At $750 a piece right now, that's a significant amount out of your price range. If you are only using two suits this summer, you'll also find that the Suiting...
Josh Leyman did it in West Wing. Of course, I think it was one of Aaron Sorkin's devices intended to make the non-Rob Lowe characters appear more disheveled.
Quote: Originally Posted by horowitz My interview is next Monday. Wait, is your interview in 5 DAYS? If this is correct, you need to completely change course. A nice suit needs to be tailored--sleeves shortened, jacket taken in, pants cuffed, etc. Unless you already have a tailor where you can jump to the front of the line, the wait time is generally weeks, especially in Manhattan (the free alterations at 346 Madison, IIRC, took three...
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