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Just bought two 40R Canali suits for £275 apiece. MOL, much appreciated. Incredible deal.
It's $229 less 30%, which comes out to $160. For staples, there's no better price.You can stack through the website or just by calling their central telephone number. I do this every six months.
Corporate sale, when you can stack multi-buy with 30% off.
I've found they're also particularly good on staffing during corporate days (probably since they know they're repeat customers). The last two years I've rolled in 10 minutes before closing due to work; they've never hurried me out (I also bought two suits both times, which helps them stay patient).
They don't all say "Made in USA", I assure you.They have had made in USA suits go on sale, such as when BB tapped RLL to unload the Golden Fleece suits made by Southwick that had quality control issues. And I'm sure you'll see some more this year, given the number of 1818s that simultaneously disappeared from the Clearance section a couple of weeks ago (usually a sign of a bulk purchaser). The vast majority of BB suits in staple colors, however, will be from Thailand, as...
You should remember that many, if not all, of the RueLaLa "1818" suits are not the same as sold through BB stores and online. They are made in Thailand, and they are made of inferior cloth. I bought one and had packaged it for return within 90 seconds of delivery. Extremely frustrating that BB would use the 1818 name for these suits.In my mind, best deal remains Steve Smith in the SF Marketplace.
We've had this answered earlier in this thread. AE cuts leather in certain patterns but does not construct the shoe immediately in order to save space. So the shoe has to be put together, even though the materials are there. The 8 weeks is the outer bound of the time, however; I've gotten shoes in one week after putting in such an order.
Just got an email from the Knottery: made in Brooklyn grenadines are back, this time in 8 colors. They have a deal where you can preorder one for $40; used to be $55 and are going up to $65.
There must be over a hundred threads on this subject, so use the search function. If you don't know your suit measurements, it will also be difficult to buy online (you'll need to buy from a place that has a good return policy). Two possiiblities (1) Isaia suits at Sierra Trading Post (with the omnipresent 35% coupon it should be close to your budget); (2) Caruso or Benjamin suits from ehaberdasher.com.
New Posts  All Forums: