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As someone who has a couple of summer suits, my only warning is that you will not use it as much as you think. Maybe twice, three times a year.Two-button. Unless you're working the door at the Coco Cabana.
Thanks--that's what I hoped. I don't think it's vital, just want a little breathing room.
How easy is it for a tailor to let the seat out a suit and what kind of cost am I looking at? I have a couple of Brooks 1818 Fitzgeralds that just are a little too tight for me not to live in perpetual fear of a blowout.
I have AE's in bourbon and walnut; I love both, but these are not the colors with which you want to start a wardrobe. Brown burnished would be my vote as well, or merlot if you're feeling dark brown is too staid.Patrick's advice about needing more than one pair is exactly on point. These shoes aren't designed to be worn five or seven days a week. I hope you've seen the StyleForum chatter about AE seconds (see the AE Appreciation Thread for details), which should be a...
It's store and seasonal dependent, as well as what you're buying (Golden Fleece gets expedited). For me in New York and DC, it's been as short as one week, as long as three.
The standard grey for Brooks is a couple of shades lighter than charcoal. But they also have "light grey" cloth (not a standard cloth, however).
Thanks, all. Very informative. I would say my current suit is slightly smallish, but that's just me rationalizing my desire. The solution is for me to fulfill my new year's resolution of lifting weights again.
Am I going to feel a noticeable difference in the difference of two these sportscoats? (1) P2P 20.25, Sh 17, Sl unfinished, L 30. (2) P2P 20.75, Sh 17.75, Sl unfinished, L 30.5. I own the first jacket and am interested in buying the second jacket from one of our B&S sellers.
The issue many will note here is that you've focused on two blucher (also known as derby) models. See how the eyelets are on a flap? That is considered more informal. Balmoral models (Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Strand, etc.) are more formal and are traditionally worn with suits.That said, I wear black Clifton periodically with my suits (I wear a suit daily). It's not my favorite look, but it's totally pass-able. So I would go with black Cliftons and brown Delrays.
If someone has a recent inventory list for 10Ds, would you mind PM'ing me with the list? I haven't heard back from AE yet, and I'm sure they're swamped.
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