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Grabbed myself one as well, as well as some vintage 501's. Best selection I saw was in jackets and outerwear.
There are some amazing deals in here, including a 40R J. Press suit in staple grey for $399.
Are people getting this promotion emailed to them (I'm on the road so can't check snail mail)? I haven't seen it in my inbox. If someone could PM me the code, I'd appreciate it.
Here's a photo. It looks like paint chipping. I've worn them less than 10 times.
I recently bought a pair of whiskey Burke loafers from the Shoebank. The left loafer is now flaking, with what appears to be the whiskey sheen. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm not sure that I can save these. Will post pics when I get home.
The Knottery is having its winter sale: 35% off many items with code WINTERSALE.
Bought a pair yesterday, along with the Walden loafers ($77). Does anyone know how Walnut Cloud compares to Bourbon? I've already got a pair of the latter, so I'm hoping they're not the same.
Depends on what you're looking for. You can get non-staple suits for around $400 pretty routinely on clearance when there is a F&F sale.
Has anyone actually gotten the deal to work at Shoebank?
I received a $25 off coupon for the Connecticut Avenue Brooks Brothers in DC, which just reopened. Has anyone tried to combine it with the 3 for $189 Columbus Day sale for dress shirts?
New Posts  All Forums: